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"the Master of the house" - about building and repair

Is not present, unequivocally, "Пъюы№ Ёхьюэ=р" on all interested persons will not suffice. Well, as one San Sanych, one Dzhanik, one Jura and one Anechka can breed to necessary for all country and the near abroad of quantities to put things in order with repair across all Russia and behind its limits - everywhere look TNT and repair to spend thirst equally, without dependence from a language barrier.

  • This site is intended for skilful man's hands, for those who wishes to bring a cosiness and comfort in own dwelling - how it represents it to itself(himself), instead of how offer fashionable - and not so - designers of interiors and rasplodivshchiesja everywhere building-repair brigades shabashnikov which aspire to extend as much as possible money from the client, and quality of works thus - one tears.

    By the way, know, what it is possible to construct the hands the house, without buying a brick? It is possible! Only at a distant day it will turn out, after all the brick should be made independently. The bare way: from boards to hammer together the form for brick manufacturing (the height and length is considered), to put in it a solution clay-sand in a proportion, as for furnace or fireplace building (the section "¤хёэ№х Ёрсю=№" see;) To level it from both parties and to put to dry on the sun. The strong brick turns out not so accurate, but. The house from such material turns out strong enough and, anyway, soundproof. If in your character the habit to bring matters to perfection then bricks should be dried on specially made vibrostole, where a solution "яЁюёхфрх=" prevails; or it is pressed how it is necessary, that ALMOST STATE TOVSKY material applied duly of building has turned out. By the way, it is exact so it is made and trotuarnaja a tile which can become, thanks to your diligence, even is better and stronger bought on ZHBI. About a difference in the price we will modestly hold back.

    And how to make a raft of ordinary inflatable balls? By the way, two average sizes of a ball maintain weight of the adult man. The piece of a water-proof fabric undertakes, is sewed on the machine so that it has turned out 4-5 equal parallel "ъюЁшфюЁр" for balls with which you will inflate and enclose a dense bed in "яыю=" on a place - at the river. One experimenter was alloyed on spring rough Jushutu (Mary El, a taiga threshold), and only two balls have brought it, when he has come across a knot. By the way, such two "яыю=шър" sewed together, are quite capable to replace a warm and easy sleeping bag: balloons will serve in it as the fine air layer preserving the person, hidden inside, from a cold. Basically, in such bag probably even to sleep directly on snow! Only polushki for convenience does not suffice.

    And so. Here you will not read anything unnecessary, superfluous. On this site the information on is collected how to improve the dwelling, to make its cosier and comfortable, in compliance with your own ideals, developed about these concepts. Building and repair by own hands - here that for data are concentrated on a site "Master of the house".

    Practically, texts which we bring to your attention, are short lessons "°ъюы№ Ёхьюэ=р" with construction superintendent San Sanychem at the head. That is, we have tried to make everything to facilitate to you a problem, having spent small curriculums for those who at all does not know - "ъръ it фхырх=ё " and for those who has simply a little forgotten.

  • By means of the data obtained from here quite really, for example, to construct own house within, say, three summer months (provided that the brick at you will be already ready to a laying and it is necessary to work not alone).> And to establish in it magnificent to bake or a fine fireplace for a week. Well, about perekleivanie wall-paper or nastilanie linoleum in one separately taken apartment long it is not necessary to speak - will re-stick and lay easily and quickly!

    Ayr cosy peshcherok with a warm place at the center for a long time has sunk into oblivion. Speak, even old men in villages along highways where there are lop-sided crooked black houses from time, establish satellite aerials, - not to lag behind the times. Modern apartments not only should correspond to an old English proverb "ьющ the house - mine ъЁхяюё=і"! Our dwellings at all ergonomics, functionality and compactness are simultaneously obliged to meet the today's requirements shown by the person to convenience and originality of an interior.

    It is desirable For us to come not simply home and to hide in a shell of dwelling from working problems and everyday troubles. Simplicity of standard lay-out any more does not seduce us. To us such, distinct from others to enter into doors and to plunge into native Penates that with any it is simply impossible to confuse to feel heat and caress of the darling to center heart, say, hardly having entered, to feel itself houses, as if already old kind slippers on feet a plot in which it is easy and comfortable.

  • Such times come in a life of each man: on inspiration or a need of the heart when the desire for a long time hidden there to be engaged in favourite business - a hobby - or necessarily if the dwelling from within has taken the is unattractive-decayed form wakes up somewhere in soul hiding places. Sometimes these should be engaged on insistent suggestion of the better half, but too - it is necessary.

    But for each of us once there comes day, and the habitual tide of life is broken. So happens - comes it is time, when it is necessary to take slightly heavier in hands the tool than a mouse. During such time very much it would be desirable, that all masters and skilled workers "Пъюы№ Ёхьюэ=р" have appeared somewhere nearby, it is desirable here, near at hand, that gave on a course of action a practical advice and did not distract in vain, and helped constantly - at least morally, presence. This fussing period of a life is called as simple words "Ёхьюэ=" that which is equal to one fire, and "ё=Ёюш=хыіё=тю" to which and at all equal on a randomness does not exist.

    And here it has come, this important day. And we have tried to make everything that those councils and the most necessary data have appeared at your order. That is, have introduced in yours building and repair what, apparently, so did not suffice you.

    Use for the good of your house!