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Shpatlevanie and zachistka shpatlevki

Not all surfaces happen smooth, them it is necessary shpatlevat by means of wooden or metal shpatelej. Covers and platbands with kalevkami, and also various bottlenecks where it is inconvenient to work shpatelem, shpatljujut, applying firm strips of rubber of the necessary width with exactly cut off or figured edges.

In protiven put shpatlevku, and close its wet rag or a polyethylene film to protect from drying. When work at breast level, protiven put on a stool, and at a wall bottom - on a floor. In the right hand take shpatel, take away it a small portion shpatlevki and smear with its separate not thick dabs on a surface. Then press an edge shpatelja the left hand and level vertical or horizontal movements, holding shpatel at an angle to a surface (fig. 89). Reception of a thin layer depends basically on pressing on shpatel: the more strongly pressing, the is more thin a layer shpatlevki, and the it is more thin and is more equal, the less time will occupy zachistka.

Work shpateljami Depending on quality of a surface shpatlevanie it is necessary to carry out from one to three times. Before imposing of each new layer shpatlevki earlier proshpatlevannye places are necessary for smoothing out a grinding skin, i.e. To remove hillocks.

The Second layer shpatlevki it is possible or to put on earlier executed shpatlevke, or preliminary it ogruntovat, to dry, and then only shpatlevat. SHpatlevat on a first coat it is easier, as it lays down more thin layer. If shpatlevanie to carry out on dried up shpatlevke without ogruntovki dry shpatlevka, absorbing a moisture from a fresh portion, it becomes more dense, heavier it is levelled and imposed by thicker layer.

After drying shpatlevki start to it zachistke a skin or pumice. A grinding skin put in some layers and a tinder it divergently. Will work more conveniently if to wrap a skin wooden brusok. Pumice preliminary process, i.e. pritachivajut or grind in, forming a so-called working plane, press a hand to a surface and a tinder it divergently.

The Remained roughnesses, scratches correct secondary shpatlevaniem and zachistkoj. Smooth out proshpatlevannye surfaces in a dry or wet kind. Dry grinding apply for glutinous shpatlevok, wet for semioil, oil or varnish.

Wet processing surpasses the dry In cleanliness of a received surface.