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Colouring by various structures

Cleanliness of the painted surfaces depends on quantity and sequence of the executed operations. Colourings share on simple, improved and high-quality.

At colouring most of all admissions happens in luzgah walls and ceilings, i.e. There, where walls and a ceiling adjoin to each other, and also on eaves. These places should be painted preliminary in the way tortsevanija (drawing of easy blows), then to paint in the usual way, carefully shading a paint and after that to start colouring of all premise.

Who starts to paint for the first time with a brush, not always can exactly put a paint. It can be levelled, applying a vacuum cleaner or a garden sprayer, slightly pollinating kolerom a surface. To paint a vacuum cleaner follows when the paint put by a brush almost will dry up (will be slightly damp).

To Paint a surface at once a vacuum cleaner or a sprayer it is not recommended, as the paint is better rubbed by a brush and more strongly linked to a surface. Besides at dispersion there is a big loss of a paint.

Colouring by limy structures. On new surfaces, first of all, correct defects, cover with their solution, smooth a tree end face, a brick (leshchadju), plentifully moisten with water. After water will be absorbed, without leaving on a surface of drops, on even damp surface carry out ogruntovku and at once paint. First of all paint ceilings, then walls. The second colouring carry out on damp to the first.

It is possible to Paint and without ogruntovki, but quality will be more low. If after the first ogruntovki or colourings on a surface have come to light defects, them correct. Colouring and priming by limy structures on damp surfaces provides their best coupling with a surface.

Old surfaces at first examine, clear of poorly keeping paint, repair, moisten with water, paint. It is desirable ogruntovat and only then to paint.

Colouring by glutinous structures. New surfaces, first of all, clean and correct on them defects, then dry, ground and paint. If after ogruntovki defects are found out, them correct glutinous shpatlevkoj with ogruntovkoj, dry and paint.

First of all ground and paint ceilings, then ground and paint walls. For reception of purer colouring of a surface of walls often tortsujut, receiving the beautiful invoice under shagreen leather. Old surfaces, first of all, examine and correct on them various defects, dry, ground and paint.

When surfaces pure enough and nabel strongly keeps on them, it is possible to carry out shading. For this purpose surfaces well wash away water, carefully pounding a covering a rigid brush. At desire after razmyvki and shadings it is possible to paint slightly dried up surface a liquid paint. Paint a brush or kraskopultom or a garden sprayer.

The Vacuum cleaner and a sprayer sometimes paint and on the dry basis, but the paint will keep poorly as it lays down on a dusty surface.

If at ogruntovke or razmyvke earlier put painting structure starts to burst and be blown up, it delete, as is told in article " Preparation яютхЁ§эюё=хщ". Ogruntovku and colouring carry out usually.

If the paint bursts and blown up on not plastered concrete panels or plates it also should be wetted water, to clean off, and then to wash out hot water (better just boiled) not less than three times, deleting the acted greasing put at manufacturing of panels and plates on the forms. Having dried surfaces, they are covered with a first coat with one or two times. If ground twice, the first time hot structure, and the second - cold. On the dried up first coat carry out shpatlevku and smooth out it.

Proshpatlevannye of a surface ground and paint. Instead of shpatlevanija it is possible to grind surfaces. peretirku carry out after schistki nabela and washings by hot water, using a cement or limy solution. The technics peretirki is described in section " Plaster Ёрсю=№". After peretirki surfaces dry, ground and paint.

Remember that on surfaces well washed out by water keep shpatlevka and a solution more strongly.

Colouring kazeinovymi or silicate structures. Preliminary delete poorly keeping paint, repair surfaces, dry, ground and paint.

Colouring emulsionnymi structures. Surfaces prepare usually. After that make proolifku, shpatlevanie, ogruntovku and colouring by structures on emulsionnom a thinner. Swedish and Finnish put structures without ogruntovki for 1-2 colourings. Before surface colouring clear of a dust, a dirt, repair and dry.

Colouring by oil structures. the Strong covering from oil and to it of similar paints can be received for two-three colourings.

Oil paints put on absolutely dry surfaces a thin equal layer, typing on a brush or the platen as less as possible paints and it is good it rubbing. Also it is necessary to put each subsequent paint coat on well dried out previous.

Does not follow with a view of work acceleration maloukryvistye paints to put thicker layers as, drying up, they screw up the face and burst.

Dense paints plant, adding in them various solvents that the paint well spread, forming an equal covering. The paint should be filtered, that there were no clots and large particles.

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