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And heating furnaces (a part 2)

Having executed the base with a good waterproofing, start a furnace laying precisely on porjadovkam, observing bandaging of seams.

  • 1st number do continuous. On the left side of the furnace leave a place for zolnika blew. The size blew 250 h 130 mm, a brick stesyvajut on a cone from the forward party for convenience of clearing.

  • In to 2nd number first of all establish dverku blew and carry out a laying, as is shown in drawing.

  • In to 3rd number on the right establish cleaning in the size 130 h 130 mm under an oven; a laying blew narrow, stesyvaja a brick from two parties.

  • In to 4th number first of all on the right side of the furnace put cleaning, a laying conduct with overlapping dverki blew, leaving an aperture over podduvalom in the size 250 h 210 mm over which in 5th number the grid-iron lattice will be put. In a laying, about cleaning, on the right side of the furnace, on distance of 190 mm from a back wall put half of brick (120 X 120 mm), marked with the letter "р", on which then (in 6th number) the oven will lean. A corner of a brick from the interior of a laying stesyvajut, rounding off.

  • 5th number carry out from a fire-resistant brick (on fig. 187 it is shaded by sections), put freely grid-iron lattice and fall asleep sand a backlash between it and a laying. A brick round a lattice stesyvajut from different directions to form over it deepening in the form of a trough where fuel (especially coal will roll down). Here on the laid half of brick "р" stack second half.

  • In to 6th number first of all establish an oven and top internal dverku. Then carry out a laying. From outside fire chambers revet an oven by means of a solution with a brick on an edge. Between an oven and the right party of the furnace put a partition in width about 100 mm (a brick on an edge), opiraja it on earlier laid halves of a brick. The partition is better for putting from the whole brick which will suffice almost on four numbers of a laying flatwise. Thus receive the vertical channel on the right side at a back wall of an oven. From the back party behind a fire chamber and an oven there is a horizontal channel.

  • 7th number put according to porjadovke. The horizontal channel block a brick flatwise to make two channels - one behind a fire chamber, the second behind an oven. The laid brick does not block the channel and does not get to a back wall of an oven on 70 mm (it is blocked in 8th number). In it to a number continue oven facing.

  • 8th carry out a number similarly 7. The channel behind an oven completely block.

  • In to 9th number finish facing of a wall of an oven from outside fire chambers with release of the top brick on 10-15 mm above oven top. Edges of this brick stesyvajut also round off (on fig. 187 from above is shaded). Oven top cover with a clay solution at level with the let out brick of facing, and probably and above so that between a solution and a pig-iron plate there was a distance of 60-70 mm. In the course of a laying dverku fire chambers and a partition between an oven and a furnace wall block, stacking on a partition a brick in length about 210 mm. From the back party of the furnace the horizontal channel in length about 520 mm is formed. In it a number still has three channels: horizontal - behind a fire chamber and two vertical - about an oven.

  • 10th number. In it there are horizontal and vertical channels, and also space (channel) over a fire chamber and an oven.

  • In to 11th number at first a fire chamber and a part of top of an oven block pig-iron plates (with a ring over a fire chamber), put a water-heating box and dverku the cooking chamber. Then conduct a laying of a partition from a brick on an edge which leans against a pig-iron plate from its left-hand side. This partition separates the cooking chamber from a water-heating box. Between a partition and a water-heating box there should be an empty seat (50-70 mm). Channels behind the furnace remain same, as well as in 10th number.

  • In to 12th number the horizontal channel block half.

  • 13th number put, as is shown in fig. 187.

  • In to 14th number the horizontal channel again extend, and the brick laid behind a water-heating box, stesyvajut on a cone (is shaded).

  • a number is similar to 15th 14, only the channel behind a water-heating box extend, a brick stesyvajut (in drawing it is shaded), and a water-heating box block a bricklaying.

  • 16th number carry out as follows. The channel over a water-heating box move on half of brick more close to a forward wall. To keep a brick, from the back party of the furnace under it stack two pieces of a strip steel in the size 150 h 25 h 3 mm (on fig. 187 are shown by a dotted line). For deduction of a lattice for drying in the cooking chamber on three parties of the chamber put five pieces of a strip steel in seams in the size 120 h 25 h 3 mm with release of the ends in the chamber on 20 mm. These pieces will be pressed by bricks of a following number.

  • In to 17th number stack a lattice for drying in the size 350 h 580 mm with the tense grid. Reduce the channel from the back party of the furnace. Over a water-heating box put cleaning.

  • In to 18th number reduce the channel over cleaning.

  • In to 19th number extend the back channel to 750-770 mm. Block cleaning, put a latch for the summer course, interfering heating of all furnace.

  • In to 20th number a laying conduct according to porjadovke. Above on the right side of the cooking chamber put an extract closed dverkoj (130 h 130 mm). From the interior of an obverse number put an angular steel section 50 X 50 h 5 mm, length 600 mm.

  • 21st number is similar 20, only over top of the cooking chamber stack three pieces of a strip steel section 50 h 5 mm, length 500 mm which are necessary for deduction of the brick blocking the chamber.

  • In to 22nd number block the chamber, an extract, the most part of the back channel (630-640 mm) and leave only two apertures on the right side of the furnace. After carry out the first row of overlapping of the chamber.

  • In to 23rd number put the second row of overlapping and put from the forward party of the furnace samovarnik.
  • With 24th number spread the top part of the furnace (the closed chamber) which well heats up and basically it is connected in a cold season. In it to a number two cleanings put.

  • 25th number put, as is shown in fig. 187.

  • In to 26th number a laying conduct according to porjadovke with overlapping of cleanings and the horizontal channel.

  • In to 27th number put a latch opened in a cold season. Leave the closed chamber.

  • 28th number put so that the closed chamber remains and one big horizontal channel instead of three is formed.

  • 29th number is similar to the previous.

  • 30th number blocks furnace top. About a latch the bottom party of a brick stesyvajut on a cone, also there is only one channel directed to a pipe.

  • In to 31st number put the reroof second row, put a latch for closing of the furnace after a fire chamber.

  • In to 32nd number carry out all it agree porjadovke; put the overlapping third row.

  • With 33rd number begin a pipe laying. However for more dense closing of the furnace it is possible to put the second latch.

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