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Otopitelno-cooking and heating furnaces

Otopitelno-cooking furnaces serve simultaneously for premise and cooking heating. They unite the heating furnace and a cooker, are convenient in operation, take not enough place. Hot gases are used in such furnaces more rationally as with their help simultaneously cook food and warm a premise. The rational device of these furnaces consists also that they in the cooking chamber have an extract through which all smells of prepared food leave in atmosphere. Furnaces have two flues, one of which "ых=эшщ" on which hot gases directly from a plate go to a chimney, another - "чшьэшщ" when hot gases from a plate move on furnace channels, heating up it.

Care of otopitelno-cooking furnaces much less, than behind two separate furnaces, therefore they have found a wide circulation in small apartments, low houses, in country building etc. Such furnaces are various in the sizes, teploproizvoditelnosti and to constructive decisions. The design of one of them - I.F.Volkova's combined furnace is more low resulted.

the Otopitelno-cooking furnace of a design of I.F.Volkova: 1 - blew, 2 - a fire chamber, 3 - the cooking chamber, 4 - cleaning, 5 - the smoke latch closing the furnace after a fire chamber, 6 - a latch opened in the winter, 7 - samovarniki, 8 - a latch opened in the summer, 9, 12 - cleaning, 10 - a water-heating box, 11 - an oven, 13 - a metal grid in a frame, 14 - a waterproofing, 15 - the closed internal chamber, 16 - the channel for ventilation of the cooking chamber, 17 - a pig-iron compound plate, 18 - the ventilating aperture closed dverkoj the Otopitelno-cooking furnace of a design of I.F.Volkova

the Otopitelno-cooking furnace of a design of I.F.Volkova the Otopitelno-cooking furnace of a design of I.F.Volkova. the Sizes of the furnace: length 1020, width 890, height of 2240 mm (fig. 187). Works on all kinds of firm fuel. Teplootdacha at one fire chamber a day 2,6 kw (2260 kcal/ch), at two fire chambers - 3,9 kw (3400 kcal/ch). Provides with heat one-two rooms, probably simultaneous cooking on 6 persons.

The Furnace has the cooking chamber with a lattice for drying of various products, and also clothes etc. In the chamber there is a ventilating aperture for removal from it steam and various smells, and also a water-heating box, an oven, samovarnik, some cleanings, a fire chamber with podduvalom.

The Furnace heat as in summer and as in winter, regulating movement of hot gases by means of latches. At a fire chamber as in summer hot gases pass under a plate, an oven and a water-heating box, and leave in a pipe. At a fire chamber as in winter gases pass the same way, then go to one, then in other chamber, heating up them, and only after that leave through a latch in a pipe (sm . cuts And - And, - .

Materials for a furnace laying: - 520 pieces, fire-resistant - 100 pieces (apply to a laying toplivnika and the first channel), however it it is possible to replace a red brick usual; a usual clay solution - 20 buckets, fire-resistant - 50 kg; top internal dverka in the size 210 X 250 mm; dverki in the size 130 h 130 mm for blew, cleanings and samovarnika - 5 pieces; dverka for the cooking chamber in the size 380x640 mm; smoke latches in the size 130 h 240 mm - 3 pieces; a grid-iron lattice in the size 180 h 250 mm; two compound pig-iron plates with a ring and one deaf person in the size 180 h 530 mm; an oven in the size 300 h 280 h 570 mm; a water-heating box in the size 150 h 280 h 80 mm; a lattice for drying in the size 350 h 580 mm.

For the cooking chamber, an oven and a lattice it is necessary to produce Dverku. A framework dverki the cooking chamber carry out from an angular steel section 30 h 30 h 3 mm. Dverka consists of two halves. dverki ovens produce a framework also from an angular steel, itself dverka odnopolnaja. The lattice for drying consists of a framework executed from an angular steel by section 25 h 25 X 3 mm on which pull a grid from the zinced steel, made of a wire in diameter of 1 mm with cells 10 h 10 mm. It is possible to apply an aluminium grid; copper or brass it is necessary to tin tin.

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