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Decorative furnish (a part 2)

Furnish by stamps and platens. At furnish by rags there is a pattern of the wrong form. For reception of drawing of the identical form in the form of colours, geometrical figures, etc. Apply rubber stamps and platens (fig. 96).

Nakatyvanie of drawing the platen: and - the form of platens from different materials, - the platen which has been built in in the machine tool Stamps and platens make in the factory way of soft rubber or cast from formoplasta. Stamps can be made and manually, cutting out from thin rubber patterns of the necessary form and pasting them on rubber strips. Strips krepjat to a wooden grater of the same form, as well as for zatirki plasters, only the grater cloth should be absolutely equal, differently the stamp all points will not adjoin to a surface. A stamp moisten in a paint and press to a surface, receiving a drawing print.

Platens happen two kinds: without the tank and with the tank. Krepjat them in the machine tool where they freely rotate on an axis. To work apply the machine tool with two platens (one - risunchatyj, another - smooth) from porous rubber (a rubber sponge) or foam rubber. Platens should be densely pressed to each other. If the smooth platen to moisten in a paint, to wring out surpluses and to insert into the machine tool, and then to put risunchatym the platen to a surface, to make necessary force pressing and to conduct the machine tool from top to down on a surface that drawing which is available on the platen will be printed.

The Platen with the tank is convenient that the paint poured in the tank suffices for long time. Between the tank and risunchatym the platen is available the feeding platen which is moistened from the tank and transfers structure to risunchatomu to the platen. Forces of pressing of platens can be regulated, increasing or reducing paint giving that on a surface there was identical on density of colour a drawing. Nakatku carry out from top to down, observing vertical position of rolled strips.

Rolling each new strip, the platen should be put to a surface the same point for what in each platen and the machine tool the label in the form of a hyphen which is not printed on a surface is always put. For reception of an equal vertical or horizontal strip nakatku it is necessary to begin with beaten off namelennym a line cord.

Impressive furnish carry out by means of the various tool, machines, relief platens on specially prepared and put shpatlevke.

Preparation of surfaces conduct as under high-quality colouring. New plaster it is necessary to dry, correct well all defects and to ground. Sometimes instead of a first coat under glutinous shpatlevki surfaces cover with 8%-s' glutinous solution. Wooden surfaces prepare so: olifjat, grease defects, and large cracks after podmazki also stick with a gauze. Surfaces earlier painted by an oil paint carefully wash out water, deleting a dust. Defects correct, smooth out, necessarily ground and paint over.

Having prepared surfaces, start preparation shpatlevki which should have minimum usadku. It is reached by addition in shpatlevku poroshkoobraznyh fillers in the form of plaster, spar, a marble flour and other materials preliminary sifted through a fine sieve.

Shpatlevka should be plastic enough, for what it dilute that glutinous solution or drying oil on which it is prepared. Density shpatlevki should be such that it was easily stirred by a stick or veselkoj, and obrazuemyj on a surface shpatlevki after their removal the cone should not spread at once, keeping the form before full drying.

Shpatlevki under relief colourings prepare under various recipes, measuring materials in parts on weight. Shpatlevka on a marble flour consists from 24 ch. A marble flour, 48,5 ch. A chalk, 2,5 ch. Dry animal glue and 25 ch. Waters. shpatlevka the same structure, only a marble flour has Gipsomelovaja almost is replaced with the same quantity of plaster.

These Prepare shpatlevki in such sequence. In water plavjat glue, receiving glutinous water. A chalk and plaster or a marble flour well mix among themselves in a dry kind and for uniformity achievement in addition sift. The received mix shut on glutinous water to smetanoobraznoj consistences. If prepared shpatlevka it has appeared insufficiently plastic, in it add 2-3% (from quantity shpatlevki) an oil varnish or drying oil.

Prepared shpatlevku put shpatelem on a surface and well level. A thickness of a layer of 3-4 mm. On put shpatlevke roll the rigid figured platen drawing. That the platen did not stick to shpatlevke, it periodically moisten with water (at rolling on oil shpatlevke) either turpentine or gasoline-solvent (at glutinous shpatlevke).

After nakatki shpatlevku well dry, slightly clean a skin and paint glutinous, oil, emulsionnoj or other paint. It is possible to put on shpatlevke blows by a rigid brush, receiving the porous invoice, or through a cliche to put a brush shpatlevku which in a kind bugorkov will tower over a surface under the drawing form (fig. 97).

the Relief invoice received with the help: and - nozdrevaja the invoice, - the relief invoice received by means of a cliche with round apertures in diameter of 10 mm Looks well the colouring executed lessirovochnym by structure, put on preliminary glued surface. proklejku carry out 5%-s' solution animal, kazeinovogo or vegetative glue (that oil did not leave stains).

the structure is better than Lessirovochnyj. all to prepare so. To dissolve gustotertye paints with a mix consisting from 1 ch. Drying oils, 2 ch. Turpentine or gasoline-solvent and 0,1 ch. sikkativa (parts on volume). This structure put a wide brush (flejtsem) a thin layer.

After colouring svezhenanesennyj structure there and then erase a rag from convex parts of a relief. The structure which has remained in deepenings forms shades which underline the put invoice of drawing more sharply.

Matte colouring receive, adding in the prepared structure of 15-20% tonkosejanogo a chalk pounded on turpentine or gasoline-solvent. On turpentine or gasoline-solvent plant as well grated paints, sometimes adding in them a small amount 50%-s' solutions of soap.

Glossy colouring receive, covering the painted surfaces with a light oil varnish.

Work on impressive furnish is better to carry out together: one puts shpatlevochnyj structure, another rolls drawing by means of the platen.

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