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Decorative furnish by plaster

Smooth surfaces of walls can be made decorative, putting plaster nabryzgom, rustami etc. On wooden walls it can be carried out from usual izvestkovo-plaster solutions, on stone and to it similar - from izvestkovo-plaster, cement and cement-limy solutions.

the Invoice nabryzgom is carried out nabrasyvaniem a solution through a grid, strjahivaniem a solution from a broom or from a brush. Nabryzg through a grid from a broom carry out any solution (even with large fillers), nabryzg from a brush - a solution with a small filler. To receive dense nabryzg without admissions, it repeat some times while on a surface remains the places covered with a solution.

Nabryzg through a grid. On a wooden frame in the size 1000x1000 or 1000x1500 mm pull a grid with cells in the size from 2,5 to 10 mm (depending on krupnosti invoices). That the grid not vypuchivalas also did not vibrate, from a frame underside on diagonals pull a wire to which krepjat a grid, adhering it to a wire in two-three places. That the frame has defended always on identical distance from a surface, to it beat laths - racks in length of 100-250 mm. Constant position of a frame concerning a plastered surface gives the chance to receive nabryzg identical krupnosti, but for this purpose it is necessary to throw a solution with identical force. A frame put to a surface of the put ground and kelmoj from the falcon throw through a grid a solution. Passing through a grid, the solution is dissected and gets on a surface in a kind bugorkov.

Nabryzg from a broom carry out so. Take a birch broom without leaves, chop off its ends. The right hand hold a broom, and left - round, heavy enough, a stick in diameter of 4-5 sm, in the length 50-60 the Broom see dip into a solution and strike it about a stick. The solution is shaken on a wall surface. Krupnost such invoice depends on a thickness of rods of a broom, density of a solution and force strjahivanija. Therefore, if some persons simultaneously work, it is necessary to pick up for all the identical brooms, one size of a stick, to agree with force strjahivanija and about distance from a surface on which there should be a stick.

In an operating time a solution periodically mix, that it was not stratified.

Nabryzg from a brush gives the chance to receive smaller invoice, than through a grid or from a broom. The solution should be filtered through a fine sieve with cells not more largely 1,5x1,5 mm. For work take rigid hair or shchetinnuju a brush. It hold the left hand and, having dipped into a solution on half of height of hair, bring to a surface volosom upwards. Then spend on hair a stick being in the right hand or a thin plate, and the solution from a brush flies away on a plastered surface. The dense fine-grained invoice named furnish "яюф °ѕсѕ".

is formed

the Type-setting invoice consists of small or large stones, gravel, rubble. Gravel or rubble sort by sifting through a sieve with cells of the necessary size. The sorted material wash out water, deleting a dirt. On a surface put a solution obryzga and a ground, level it and there and then in a solution vtaplivajut gravel or rubble on half or one third of its height. Then prepare a solution smetanoobraznoj for a consistence and put it kelmoj from the falcon a layer not thicker 5-10 mm. In this case the solution can be any.

Except kelmy it is possible to put a solution a way nabryzga through a grid, from a broom or from a brush. Solutions can be usual with the subsequent colouring or colour, painted dry shchelochestojkimi paints in all weight.