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Decorative furnish

Except smooth colourings, walls often cover with various patterns, putting them by means of rags, cliches or risunchatyh platens. Preliminary surfaces should be painted structure of the necessary colour and are well dried.

Furnish by rags. By means of rags by punching or nakatki it is possible to put various patterns on a surface. That was not potekov, it is necessary to wring out surpluses of a paint and to do on a rag pressing of identical force. More beautiful patterns turn out at use of jersey and other fabrics with sharply expressed invoice, and also bast mats.

Drawing of patterns by punching. One or two hands take a fabric, moisten it in painting structure, wring out and put on a wall in one or divergently tortsujushchie blows of identical force. If a fabric in an operating time to hold in one position the pattern will be identical if it to intercept - a pattern will change.

Drawing of patterns nakatkoj. From a fabric produce the platen, connect it or sew. Diameter of the platen can be any, the length to 25 see

The Platen moisten in structure, wring out surpluses, put to a surface, do necessary force pressing and roll it from top to down and-or from below upwards or across (fig. 92).

the rag platen Patterns it is possible to put Nakatka of drawing in one, two and more colours. Each subsequent pattern put only on the dried up previous.

Furnish nabryzgom. This work carry out manually or with application of the special machine. Manually work so: in the right hand take the big bench hammer or mahovuju a brush, moisten in a paint, wring out surplus; in the left hand take a stick and on the necessary distance from a surface strike about it a brush. From blow from a brush the paint is shaken, leaving on a surface small splashes. To receive identical splashes on size, it is necessary to keep at a stick identical distance from a surface, to type equal quantity of a paint and to strike a brush about a stick blows of identical force.

Samples of cliches Beautifully looks furnish nabryzgom in two-three and more colours.

Nabryzg carry out on earlier painted dry surface. The good result gives application of a grid which hardly pull on a framework, put a framework with a grid closely to a surface and further do nabryzg the same as it has been described. Putting a grid divergently and using a grid with cells different krupnosti, it is possible to receive more beautiful furnish.

Stuffing of drawing by means of cliches. By means of cliches it is possible to receive drawings both simple, and the difficult form (fig. 93), in one paint or in some. On walls and ceilings it is possible to fill by means of cliches friezes, borders etc.

Cliches prepare so (fig. 94). Take a thick dense paper or a thin dense cardboard, cut on strips, or sheets of the necessary size, put drawing and cut out its sharp knife. That patterns did not fall out, between them leave "ьюё=шъш" (cardboard or paper strips) which connect them among themselves.

94. Manufacturing of cliches: and - drawings, - cliches; 95. Drawing stuffing on a cliche: and - a cliche, - drawing stuffing At stuffing of multi-colour drawing for each colour prepare the cliche. For durability cliches impregnate with drying oil, well dry and straighten between boards or under any other cargo.

Drawing on a cliche put together, on earlier beaten off namelennym a cord to lines. One working presses a cliche to a surface, and another fills drawing a bench hammer, moistening it in a paint and wringing out so that it was moist. (If the brush will is strongly moistened, possible begin to flow, and it leads to marriage.) a bench hammer put on a cliche tortsujushchie (not strong) blows. As a result on a surface there is an exact copy of drawing of a cliche (fig. 95).

Multi-colour drawing fill, using a separate brush for everyone kolera, and only after will dry up earlier filled. If to carry out stuffing by the same brush its each time before change kolera should be washed out purely. After stuffing in drawings under "ьюё=шърьш" there are blank places, they are corrected small brushes.

On the face parties of cliches do labels, cutting out treugolnichki which serve directing at cliche movement on the beaten off lines.

To Put drawing in the way of painting it is impossible: it leads to marriage - zatekaniju paints under a cliche. The cliche periodically should be wiped a rag, especially that party which adjoins to a surface.

Cliches wipe and hang out for drying after each day of work. Before cleaning cliches on storage, them clear of a paint, dry, put Against each other in the developed kind, cover with a board or plywood and press cargo. So they are not jarred on and do not spoil.

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