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Defects of colouring (a part 2)

Defects of the colourings executed by oil and enamel structures.

Traces from a brush happen are visible at application of a dense paint and not enough good shading. The dried up paint clean pumice or a skin and again paint the prepared painting structure.

Joints happen are appreciable because colouring was spent skorovysyhajushchimi by paints with breaks on the same place, i.e. Several zahvatkami. For correction work alter some persons, working simultaneously without interruption. It is necessary to join about pilasters, in corners etc.

Begin to flow appear from application of the liquid paint many put on surfaces without sufficient shading. The dried up paint clean a skin or pumice and paint normal structure on density.

the Rough invoice of colouring can be from application of not filtered paint, colouring on badly executed shpatlevke or from its bad zachistki (polishings). Correction consists in careful zachistke a skin or pumice of the painted surface and repeated colouring.

"-Ёюъюфшыютр ъюцр" can be from drawing of a quick-drying paint on insufficiently dried up preparation. Correct by procleaning by a skin or pumice, proolifki, shpatlevanija and colourings.

Wrinkles on colouring happen from paint drawing by a thick layer. Correction by a way zachistki, shpatlevki and colourings.

Rusty and dark stains are possible because that by preparation resinous and mineralno-oil stains have not been removed. Correct removal of defective places or careful zachistkoj, washing by acids, alkalis, a covering two-three layers spirit a varnish or a nitrovarnish and repeated colouring.

Various stains on colour with not drying out paint can arise at colouring on the damp paint. Correction - neutralisation in it of alkalis a weak solution of hydrochloric acid, washing by pure water, good drying, ogruntovka, shpatlevanie, colouring by qualitative materials.

Otslaivanie of the top paint coat occurs at colouring of the surfaces polluted or painted by earlier wax structures. Correction: to remove the lagged behind paint, it is good to clean surfaces pumice or to wash out soap and pure water, to dry and paint.

paint Distention is observed at colouring of badly dried wooden surfaces.

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