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Defects of colouring

Defects of the colourings executed by limy and glutinous structures. Defects in this case basically happen from non-observance of technology of performance of works. More often they can be corrected only full alteration. We will consider the reasons of formation of defects.

Otmelivanie of a paint coat occurs because that in the prepared painting structure glue has been added not enough or the chalk with large particles was applied; the prepared painting structure was not filtered. Correction is possible by spraying of the painted surface by a weak glutinous solution with the help kraskopulta or by repeated ogruntovki and colourings.

Otslaivanie of a colourful film can be caused the following:

  1. the painting structure was too dense or was repeatedly put on the same place;
  2. the excessive quantity of glue is entered;
  3. colouring is executed on a thick layer before the put paint or on weak shpatlevke.

Correct by careful shading of the put structure by water by means of a brush. Thus the covering part is washed off. If it does not help, it is necessary to remove all paint coat, to grind a surface, ogruntovat and to paint.

Prosvechivanie of the previous paint layer is possible because that the first coat of other colour, than painting structure was applied, or it was maloukryvistym.

For surface correction it is necessary to paint repeatedly. If it does not help, it is necessary anew ogruntovat, applying a first coat tinted under a painting layer.

Rusty stains are possible from long course through plaster of water or from infiltration through plaster of resinous substances.

Correct by elimination of the reasons which have caused formation of rusty stains, removal of rusty plaster and its replacement new. Other way is possible: to clean off an old paint, to wash out a surface a warm 3%-s' solution of hydrochloric acid, to dry, paint over an oil paint (oil or spirit a varnish), ogruntovat and to paint.

Fat stains on plaster happen from non-drying animal or mineral oils. Correction is possible only by cutting down of the oiled stains of plaster, drawing of new, careful drying, colouring by an oil paint of joints about new plaster, ogruntovki and colourings.

Vysoly occur from allocation by a surface of soluble salts which form a white crystal touch on colouring or plaster. Delete vysoly careful drying and surface clearing by steel brushes, peretirkoj plasters, drying, colouring by an oil paint of the corrected place, shpatlevkoj, ogruntovkoj and colouring by a glutinous paint.

"-р=рёъш" can be at colouring of a surface without ogruntovki or if colouring was carried out on an old paint, ogruntovannoj by a weak ground without shading.

For defect elimination it is necessary to wash away carefully water old nabel, and to clean off, grind is even better, ogruntovat and again to paint.

Polosatost is possible from addition of dry pigments in painting structure, from bad hashing of structure, non-uniform shading and pressing a brush. To eliminate polosatost it is possible by careful washing by water and colouring by liquid painting structure with the help kraskopulta.

"гшы№" arise at insufficiently good ogruntovannyh surfaces (especially with the embroidered cracks covered with a plaster solution) or because that the embroidered cracks are insufficiently jammed. For correction it is necessary to wash away or completely to remove a paint layer, it is good ogruntovat surfaces (cracks ogruntovat twice) and to paint. Insufficiently jammed seams to correct, having ground them, ogruntovat and to paint.

Folds are formed from application too dense (or too liquid) colourful structure. It is necessary to dissolve painting structure to normal viscosity and to recolour.

the Rough invoice of colouring and a congestion small bugorkov are possible because that zatirka is made by coarse-grained sand or the first coat and painting structure were applied not filtered. Correct by washing or peretirki surfaces, ogruntovki and colourings by the filtered structure.

Splashes, begin to flow also admissions. Splashes can be because of the aperture increased against norm in an atomizer, begin to flow - because of liquid painting structure or its non-uniform drawing, admissions - because of misoperation by a brush, the platen etc. Correct by razmyvki surfaces water, ogruntovki and colourings.

Mramorovidnye of a stain arise from application of strongly stuck painting structure. Correction by probably way razmyvki a paint layer and colouring (or ogruntovki and colourings) normally stuck structure.

Joints happen are visible because of inept work as brushes, platens, kraskopultom or at colouring on a weak first coat. To correct it is possible having washed out a surface water, and having executed ogruntovku and colouring.

Change of colour of a paint can result from application of the pigments not proof to alkalis, light, sulphurous gases, hydrogen sulphide. Correct by smyvki the put paint, ogruntovki and colourings with application of steady pigments.

the Panel with non-uniform colouring can be from wrong pressing on filenchatuju a brush or excessively dense paint. The extended panel should be altered.

the Painted surface dries non-uniformly because that the priming structure was applied non-uniform on a fortress and there were draughts. For correction it is necessary to eliminate draughts and to check up correctness of preparation of a first coat.

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