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Defects obojnyh works

Between panels there are gleams. It means that at pasting edges of wall-paper are end-to-end badly killed. Before pasting wall-paper followed check up on usadku and only after that to solve: to cut off edges at dry or wetted wall-paper. Is better to cut off edges after a label of wall-paper a sharp knife on fugovannoj to a ruler.

Fragmentary edges on wall-paper arise from negligent scraps of edges, applications of a blunt tool, negligent storage of wall-paper prepared for a label curtailed into a roll. Correction by probably way pereklejki.

Panels of wall-paper are located crookedly. It can be because that the label of the first panels was made "эр уырчюъ" without otbivki a vertical line by means of a plumb. It is possible to correct only by pereklejki.

Full or partial otkleivanie wall-paper on top of walls. it is probable, wall-paper was pasted on the surfaces earlier painted by limy or glutinous paints which have not been cleaned off. Probably also that surfaces have not been glued, or liquid paste was applied, or wall-paper has badly been missed the mark, or in an operating time indoors was hot. Correct defect as follows. Wall-paper unbends and clears of the stuck paint (whitewashing). Delete from walls nabel that does not remain a trace. Well glue a surface dense paste and with it smear wall-paper, giving the chance to them it is good to be softened. Then them paste and carefully smooth, but it is obligatory through a paper that the paint was not smeared.

Wall-paper lags behind at platbands and plinths. surfaces have been in these parts badly glued, and wall-paper or has been smeared by liquid gluing structure, or after namazyvanija long was not pasted. Wall-paper unbends, well coats with gluing structure for one or two times while wall-paper will not be softened. Then them paste with careful priglazhivaniem through a paper.

threads of seams Are appreciable. It happens because that edges of wall-paper are directed not against light, i.e. Pasting was conducted not from a window, and on the contrary. Correction is possible only by pereklejki.

Edges of wall-paper are filled in by paste which has appeared through wall-paper. So happens, if the label was conducted by hot paste which quickly softens a paper and gets on an obverse surface. Probably, on edges it has been put too much paste and at priglazhivanii it was squeezed out. Besides, wall-paper could be made of the thin paper easily passing a moisture. Correction is possible gluing of new wall-paper with application of cold or warm paste with temperature not above 30°С.

Panels of wall-paper of a different shade. Means them did not select for tone. Here it is required pereklejka. At a scrap of edges of rolls the last should be examined and selected. Monophonic to paste on the walls not forced by furniture and well shined on day.

Bubbles and wrinkles on wall-paper can arise from application of too strong gluing structure for wall-paper from a thin paper, negligent priglazhivanija, and also because that wall-paper has badly become impregnated with paste. Correction by probably way pereklejki wall-paper.

Wall-paper in corners of walls is broken off. At namazyvanii gluing structure obojnaja the paper is softened and increases in sizes on length and width, drying up, it gives big usadku, as leads to rupture of wall-paper if the corner has been blocked by the whole piece. At pereklejke a corner it is necessary to block an edge of wall-paper the in width no more than 30-50 mm