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Struggle against destroyers of wood

Struggle against house mushrooms and insects - destroyers of wood can be shown to a minimum if beforehand to take corresponding measures. For example, for ability to live of wreckers of wood in it moisture content is necessary. In perfect to a seasoned wood mushrooms, bugs-drevotochtsy cannot live. So, bugs first of all appear in furniture legs because at washing of floors them often wipe a damp rag, and it brings any quantity of a moisture in wood.

Thus, the care of wood preservation should begin still with lesoseki where usually there is an infection with house mushrooms. The mycelium from the infected wood easily gets on fresh through the tool, footwear, clothes etc. The frost more low 5°С kills a mycelium, but, unfortunately, only on a wood surface. Mushrooms as on light, and in the dark develop. The main condition of their development - humidity. It is necessary to make only healthy wood, rejecting with traces of infection not only mushrooms, but also bugs.

To Store materials it is necessary on the high dry place cleared of dust, a bush, a grass, with the obligatory device of flutes for a water drain. Wood it is necessary oshkurit, a bark and other dust to remove from a place of storage and to burn, observing fire-prevention actions.

It is expedient to Oshkurennye of a log to cover to (paint) from different directions with a water antiseptic tank or at least limy whitewashing (on a bucket of whitewashing 100 g the usual table salt preliminary dissolved in water). It is impossible to paint end faces of logs with the oil or other similar paint closing a time of wood.

Logs should be stacked in everyone to a number komljami in one party. The first row of logs should be lifted over level of the earth not less than on 25 see Between logs there should be a space not less than 10 sm for airing maintenance. Stack logs end faces in a direction of dominating winds. Between numbers linings from fresh oshkurennoj wood should be laid. The thickness of linings 13-15 see Well over a stack to arrange a canopy: it not only accelerates drying of logs, but also reduces possibility of their rotting.

Is inadmissible to store a new material together with old and especially with fire wood. Forest products should be from fire wood or wood sheds on distance not less than 10 m. If on any log there will be a white web that testifies to mushroom occurrence, it is necessary to take at once preventive measures - to dry it and antiseptirovat, at least a solution copper kuporosa.

Wood for building of houses should be dried up to humidity not less than 20%. Badly oshkurennyj it is impossible to apply a material. Sruby it is possible to cut from crude wood as it is easier for processing though and it is more difficult to lift. Better srub to execute from a crude material, antiseptiruja each log a water solution the antiseptics, to dry and lay on a place. Maintain such srub for drying not less than year. Walls and beams should be temporarily covered. After drying srub assort and establish on earlier arranged base with the two-three-layer waterproofing laid on it from roofing felt or roofing material. Grooves between logs fill well dried antiseptirovannym teploizoljatsionnym with a material (a tow, felt).

At building of any construction in the base it is necessary to provide ventilating apertures, having them from opposite sides. The size of apertures no more 25x25 sm; they should be from level of the earth not less than on 25 see In a warm season them open, and in the cold close teploizoljatsionnym a material. Airing is necessary for removal of dampness from an underground which promotes fast occurrence of house mushrooms. If an underground crude, it is necessary to take measures isolating it.

Any materials applied for zasypki, should be dry. Preliminary them it is necessary antiseptirovat water-soluble antiseptics. Torfosfagnum and sawdust, besides, should be mixed with izvestju-pushonkoj (10% from volume of applied materials) that in zasypke rodents were not found.

It is not necessary to upholster outside wooden rublenye or karkasno-zasypnye walls with roofing felt, roofing material, pergaminom as it worsens airing of wood and leads it otsyrevaniju. On purpose paroizoljatsii it is supposed walls and overlappings under plaster to close (from the inside!) roofing material, pergaminom or to it a similar material (but not roofing felt). Edges of joined cloths should be blocked on 5-10 see Is better to stick together them mastic. If paroizoljatsija it is arranged on rublenym to walls grooves between logs cover with a plaster solution (1 ch. Plaster and 3-5 ch. Sand) also dry.

If paroizoljatsija in overlappings is above nakata or filings the condensate will remain in them thick.

Sometimes in garret overlappings on purpose paroizoljatsii from outside an attic put a layer clay otoshchennogo a solution in the thickness no more than 2 see It well dry and on it do antiseptirovannuju zasypku.

At packing of wooden beams on brick walls their ends process a water-soluble antiseptic tank, well dry. The most accessible water-soluble antiseptics - 10%-s' solution copper kuporosa (10 kg kuporosa and 90 l of water).

In places where the mushroom is found out house, delete greasing and zasypku, designs dry (it is possible to scratch out from above wood), process an antiseptic tank and once again dry.

Some masters recommend to burn out the infected places of designs a blowtorch. To do it it is necessary very cautiously, observing fire-prevention actions. At hand there should be a fire extinguisher, water, sand, a liquid clay solution. The fallen sparks should be extinguished immediately. Is better concerning processing of the wood infected with mushrooms, an open flame to address in fire inspection.