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the Device of partitions

Panel board partitions are national teams and do not demand for manufacturing of lengthy materials. Boards can be produced from boards of different length and any thickness, but 25 and 40 mm are the most convenient in the thickness 19. Boards happen two- and three-layer. For improvement warmly - and sound insulation between layers of boards it is possible to stack pergamin, a dense cardboard, roofing material.

Two-layer boards (fig. 21) produce from two numbers of boards in the thickness of 25 or 40 mm. Boards in boards put vertically, fastening their nails and stacking so that seams have been blocked, and from lateral faces quarters not less than 25 mm were formed. (Quarters are necessary for more dense and strong connection of boards among themselves at assemblage from them partitions.) width of boards of 0,5-0,6 m, length to 1,5 m. At assemblage boards put in the grooves arranged in a log on a floor and a ceiling. After installation of a partition it plaster from two parties.

Three-layer boards produce from three numbers of boards in the thickness of 19-25 mm. Boards also are put vertically and necessarily with bandaging of seams. In the middle more thin boards, along the edges - thicker are put, and average boards can be put and is horizontal. Pergamin, the cardboard, roofing material stack in two layers. Oshtukaturivanie it is made from two parties by a limy or izvestkovo-plaster solution (see gl. 6 "П=ѕър=ѕЁэ№х Ёрсю=№").

22. The joiner's glazed partition; 23. A partition from plaster hollow plates: and - a partition general view; - trez - and pjatijarusnaja a plate Joiner's partitions (fig. 22) represent separate boards of different width and height depending on appointment. More often they are similar to door cloths. Partitions from such boards are applied to division of premises between which it is not required the person zvuko - or thermal protections. These partitions can be finished to a ceiling or lack to it on 30-50 sm and more. Such partitions can be established directly on a floor. Places stykovanija boards are closed by apportions of different width with smooth or figured strozhkoj. Bottom obvjazka can be from separate reek or a wide board with the chosen grooves, and top - fastens between walls. If a partition long, it is desirable to put the racks fixed bottom and top obvjazkami between separate boards. Racks and top obvjazka are closed by apportions.

It is possible to arrange Partitions and from various plates: plaster, legkobetonnyh, fibrolitovyh, etc. usually such plates produce industrially. Often they happen so smooth that it is possible to paste over them after installation with wall-paper. Sometimes them it is necessary in addition shpatlevat, and especially rough surfaces - to plaster. In small premises of a partition from plates collect without the skeleton device. Plaster and legkobetonnye hollow plates can be made in house conditions by own strength.

Plaster hollow plates happen three- and five-hollow (fig. 23): the first produce in the length 762, in the width 305 and thickness of 100 mm, and the second - length 800, width 400 and thickness of 100 mm. Apertures in plates, i.e. Emptiness, industrially do in diameter 64 mm, at house manufacturing they can be less. Plates establish on a thick board or a bar of the same width, as a plate.

Plaster plates establish on gipsopeschanom a structure solution 1:0,5 or 1:1. Edges of plates do or smooth, either with grooves, or with grooves and crests. Crests and grooves should be executed so that between them there was a backlash depth not less than 5 mm for solution packing.

For casting of such plates it is required gipsoshlakovaja a structure mix 1:4 (slag krupnostju no more than 2,5 sm) and water.

Plates cast in forms, i.e. Folding boxes without a bottom. In two opposite walls of the form should be on 3-5 apertures where cores for formation in plates of emptiness will be inserted. Cores - round, from metal or plastic pipes, rubber, etc. That the form easily acted in film from the cast plate, and cores from it were taken, it is recommended to cover them with greasing: lubricating oil, tavotom, vegetable oil or that is worse, soap water.

For giving of durability to plates them reinforce wooden luchinami (plaster to lathing), stacking them up and down in thickness of a plate.

Gipsoshlakovuju well mix a mix and only after that shut water before reception of semidense weight which pour out in the form. Then stack armature (the surface should be flush with the form) and smooth down or rub clean. After shvatyvanija plaster at first take out cores, and then raspalublivajut (assort) the form and release a plate, establishing it for drying.

Legkobetonnye of a plate produce as, only maintain their longer time in forms.

From plates it is recommended to arrange Partitions in buildings from a brick, a stone, concrete. Among themselves plates fasten a solution, and to walls krepjat the nails hammered into walls, probes, ruffs for whom preliminary drill or chisel through apertures. In these apertures drive in derevjanye stoppers, and into them fixing details with the subsequent promazkoj plaster. It is very good to punch superficial shtrabu, into which plates or only a plaster solution will enter more rigidly to fix them. For increase of durability of a partition through two numbers of plates in grooves or in seams (across) it is possible to stack 4-5-миллиметровую steel armature.

Except the considered materials to the device of partitions apply a brick, plates "-ш¶¶хЁхэ=". Arrange also cast partitions from gipsoshlakovoj or tsementobetonnoj mixes. In such partitions for rigidity establish armature. A mix prepare in such portions which quickly can be laid in business prior to the beginning shvatyvanija. One party of a timbering establish completely, the second - zahvatkami. At casting good consolidation of weight that there were no emptiness is required. All defects of such partitions correct after raspalubki.

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