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External furnish of furnaces

There are some ways of furnish of furnaces. The most widespread and hygienic is facing by tiles, which krepjat by means of steel probes and wire lobes during a laying. Facing by various tiles on every possible solutions and mastics is ineffectual, as such facing quickly falls off heating.

The Wide circulation was received by a laying of furnaces in steel cases (beetroots) the round or square form.

Oshtukaturivanie furnaces well all. At correct preparation of a solution such furnish serves long enough time.

Obverse surfaces of furnaces plaster after the laying has completely dried up also a furnace deposit has stopped. Furnace surfaces carefully clear of a dust and clay, laying seams it is desirable to clear away and remove clay on depth of 5-10 mm. It is necessary that in seams the solution was better jammed.

The Furnace should be heated well. For solution deduction on walls of the furnace in the course of a laying in seams it is recommended to put a wire so that it was approximately in the middle of a laying, and the ends left on a face sheet on 50-100 mm. It is desirable to let out them in the form of two ends (plug). On walls make wire weaving and fix the let out ends or pull a grid with section of cells not more largely 20x20 mm and fix these ends, having them on a furnace surface in chessboard order through 70-120 mm. It is very reliable preparation.

The Optimum thickness of plaster of 10 mm, sometimes lead up it to 15-20 mm that is slightly worse.

Then the hot furnace moisten with water and put smetanoobraznyj a layer of a solution-obryzg in the thickness of 5-6 mm. After it will a little get stronger, on it put more dense layer of a solution of the same thickness, level it and rub clean. If in the course of drying plaster becomes covered by cracks them cut, moisten with water, fill with a solution and rub clean.

For oshtukaturivanija furnaces usually apply clay or izvestkovo-clay solutions, but they not always provide due durability of plaster. Except these solutions there are also other, stronger groups reinforced by asbestos 6 or 7 (VII grades).

For preparation of solutions all materials sift through a fine sieve with cells not more largely 3 mm, then prepare a dry mix from sand, asbestos, cement, i.e. From those dry materials which are included into the given structure. After that prepare dense clay or limy milk and, well mixing with dry cement-sandy or other mix, receive a solution.

For preparation of a solution with plaster the limy dough mix with sand and asbestos and receive a limy solution. Then in other box dissolve a few plaster before reception smetanoobraznoj weights, add there in two-three times more than a limy solution and all carefully mix. Solutions with plaster can be applied during 4-5 mines from the moment of preparation.

After drying of plaster and correction of possible cracks the furnace paint limy milk with salt (on a bucket of limy milk 100 g table salt) or plant the limy dough for the removed milk. It is possible to prepare also a chalk on the removed milk.

To Paint furnaces an oil paint does not follow, as from heating drying oil burns and exudes an unpleasant smell.