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Facing by ceramic tiles.
Preparation of the bases

Preparation of wooden surfaces under facing by tiles: and - a partition surface, - a floor surface: 1 - a wooden flooring, 2 - armature, 3 - two layers of roofing material, 4 - a grid, 5 - the cement scratched plaster, 6 - a cement mortal, 7 - a tile Wooden designs of walls (fig. 122. In avoidance koroblenija wide boards nadkalyvajut. A surface close two layers of roofing felt or roofing material. Then krepjat armature (vertical and horizontal) thickness of 4-5 mm, to armature - a grid with cells are not larger 40x40 the mm after that plaster a structure cement mortal 1:3 or 1:4, well level and scratch sections in the size to 40x40 mm. So prepare a surface under a cement mortal or mastic, then a surface revet.

If facing is made on an oil paint exactly executed cement plaster rub clean, but sections do not scratch. After drying a surface ogruntovyvajut with drying oil also revet.

Wooden designs of floors (fig. 122. Wide boards nadkalyvajut, dim two-three layers of roofing felt or roofing material, stacking these materials on mastics: roofing material - on bitumen, roofing felt - on degtevoj. The wooden basis at first cover with mastic, on it lay the first layer of roofing felt or roofing material, then the following layer etc. From above them once again cover with mastic. It is necessary to specify that posypka from roofing felt or roofing material should be removed as it interferes with good coupling of mastic with a material. After that put armature, having prutki through 150 mm. In crossing places prutki connect a wire, on them krepjat a grid, then impose a layer of a cement mortal or concrete in the thickness not less than 50 mm. A concrete or solution surface well level, scratch cages and in a week or later, concrete or a solution will not dry up yet, stack a tile on a cement mortal.

Gipsoshlakovye of a partition prepare the same as also wooden designs of floors. At first krepjat armature, to it a grid, of 20-30 mm plaster a cement mortal in the thickness, scratch, dry and revet.

Brick surfaces clear of a dust and a dirt, choose seams, plaster, well levelling plaster, scratch (under a cement mortal or mastic) or leave smooth, jammed (under an oil paint). After drying revet.