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Facing of floors (a part 2)

Nastilka of a floor with a frieze. the Floor with a frieze (fig. 130,), i.e. With a border, consists from pristennyh numbers of tiles 1, frizovyh numbers 2 and a background 3 (tiles on all basic part of a floor). The frieze and a floor background always arrange from the whole tiles. In pristennye numbers it is possible to stack the chopped tiles or tiles of the smaller size.

130. Nastilka a floor with a frieze: and - drawing of a floor with a frieze, - breakdown frizovyh strips and provesok: 1 - pristennyj a number, 2 - a frieze, 3 - a background, 4 - the frieze front page, 5 - the first position of a cord-prichalki, 6 - the third strip of a frieze, 7 - proveska, 8 - the second position of a cord-prichalki, 9 - the second strip of a frieze, 10 - a square, I-VII - majachnye tiles; 131. Packing of tiles on majachnym to numbers: 1 - eaves, 2 - a rule, 3 - a solution, 4 - level with a rule, 5 - majachnye numbers, 6 - a cord-prichalka, 7 - a plinth Floors with a frieze break and lay so (fig. 130: At a wall establish repernye tiles I - VII for definition of level of a floor, frizovye, placed in corners frizovyh strips at level repernyh beacons, and intermediate beacons, or proscales 7 which establish in the big premises.

All these beacons put precisely flush with repernoj a tile. Proscales have through 2-3 m so that it was possible to stack rules on them with level for check of horizontal position of a floor. Beacons establish on a cement mortal or the plaster test (plaster), then them remove, clear of a solution and again use.

After installation of beacons pull a cord-prichalku 5 in the area of an adjunction of a frieze to a background (to a line II-IV). the Cord attach to the probe hammered into a floor so that it was up to standard majachnyh of tiles or reference points. On the tense cord dry stack a number of tiles of a frieze 4. then it is perpendicular to the tense cord and the laid number of a frieze pull a cord-prichalku 8 on a line II-VI and spread a frieze strip 9. after this revet with a tile the second cross-section frizovuju the party 6 on a line IV-V. to provide exact coincidence of seams, tiles stack on rejke on which numbers of tiles are marked. Then pull a cord-prichalku on a line V-VI and stack last frizovyj a number.

Correctness of packing frizovyh numbers check a square 10. (lines III-VII) stack Majachnye of a strip so that the rule (rejka) covered two adjacent strips. The distance between them should be multiple to an integer of tiles.

After frizovyh numbers stack background, checking horizontal position of each laid number a rule with level. Packing of control numbers of tiles by means of a cord, rulers (rule) and level is shown on fig. 131. Pristennye numbers stack in last turn: after a background and shvatyvanija a solution. Some masters simultaneously stack pristennye numbers and a background. On a course of work reference points clean.

floor Facing shestigrannymi tiles: 1 - pristennyj a number, 2 - frizovaja a strip, 3 - a background from shestigrannyh tiles and semitiles, 4 - a cord-prichalka, 5 - majachnyj a number - proveska Nastilka of a floor shestigrannymi tiles (fig. 132). With Shestigrannymi tiles revet a floor in such sequence: at first stack frizovuju a strip 2, then pristennyj a number 1. the background first row 3, adjoining to longitudinal frizovoj to a strip, spread from halves of six-coal tiles, and adjoining to cross-section frizovoj to a strip - from the whole tiles and halves which alternate. Majachnye strips 5 are recommended to be carried out from two numbers of six-coal tiles, having pulled for this purpose two parallel cords 4 on lines And - And and - B the Order of packing the same, as for square tiles.

Nastilka of a floor octahedral tiles with vstavochkami (fig. 133). First of all spread frizovuju a strip 3, and then numbers of octahedral tiles, or an ordinary covering 2. into space between frizovoj a strip and tiles insert halves of tiles. Having laid some numbers of tiles, intervals between them fill whole vstavochkami 1, which rebuff hlopushej to one level with the laid tiles.

If in intervals the solution has seized, it choose and add the fresh. Surpluses of a solution remove a shovel or kelmoj. If it not to make, it is impossible to lay vstavochki. Nearby frizovogo a number put pristennyj a number 4.

133. Floor facing by auxiliary tiles: 1 - an insert, 2 - an ordinary covering, 3 - a frieze, 4 - pristennyj a number - zadelka; 134. Formation of a corner of a frieze from frizovannyh cards carpet mozajki: 1 - frizovaja a card, 2 - a cut line, 3 - a line of connection of cards Nastilka of a floor a small ceramic tile (a carpet mosaic). At facing of floors by a carpet mosaic, i.e. The small tile pasted on the big sheets of paper - cards, labour productivity as small piece materials are replaced with the integrated raises. Facing of floors by a carpet mosaic is carried out as follows.

Having made a coupler, for work select the necessary quantity of cards and have them on the set drawing. On the picked up cards line the floor basis, plan places of a frieze, a background and pristennogo of some tiles.

Then define level of a wearing floor and along a wall establish time majachnye numbers from usual tiles between which drive in probes. On them pull a cord-prichalku. After that a coupler moisten with water, stack a solution, well levelling its layer not thicker 15 mm. A solution is better to level on earlier laid wooden rejkam the same thickness, as a solution layer. Then a solution priporashivajut cement through a fine sieve, filling a layer of 2-3 mm, for stronger shvatyvanija with a tile.

The card Intended for packing prepare. For this purpose in a paper between tiles (on seams) pierce or cut apertures for an air outlet from under a card during it pripressovki to a solution. A card take two hands, put a paper upwards and rebuff hlopushej or a rule level with majachnymi numbers. Filling of seams with a solution define on namokaniju papers. Seams between cards should be the same width, as well as between separate tiles, differently inlaid floor drawing is broken also separate cards are allocated in the form of patches.

the Organization of a workplace and an order of packing of cards carpet mozajki: 1 - probes, 2 - a cord-prichalka, 3 - a bucket, 4 - a flank with water, 5 - tsementyj a solution, 6 - stacks of cards: figures in mugs show sequence of packing of cards In 3-4 days after nastilki a floor a surface of cards moisten with water and leave for some time. The paper becomes wet also it delete a broom or soft steel brushes. Having cleared a floor of a paper, prepare cement milk and fill with it seams. These operations carry out the same as has been described above.

First of all stack a frieze, lay direct and angular cards (fig. 134). Then start packing of cards of a background. In process of packing frizovyh cards time majachnye numbers remove, and space between a frieze and walls fill with strips from cards.

The workplace Organization at packing of cards of a carpet mosaic is shown on fig. 135.

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