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Facing of walls gipsokartonnymi sheets

Gipsokartonnye sheets ("ёѕ§р  °=ѕър=ѕЁър") consist of plaster with the mineral or organic additives, revetted with a cardboard. The thickness of sheets 10 and 12 mm, knife them or saw a saw-nozhovkoj.

To wooden surfaces sheets krepjat nails with a wide hat (tolevymi). To brick and to others negvozdimym to surfaces them paste by means of every possible mastics.

Furnish of premises by drevesno-fibrous plates on gvozdimym to surfaces: 1 - nastilka plates, 2 - plate fastening, 3 - profiling of plates, 4 - prodab of seams, 5 - continuous shpatlevanie surfaces Gipsokleevuju prepare mastic from the plaster shut on a weak glutinous solution. In a water bucket dissolve 15 g joiner's glue. On this water shut plaster. Mastic should be applied quickly in business.

Gipsoopilochnuju prepare glutinous mastic from 1 ch. Sawdust and 4 ch. The plaster, well mixed in a dry kind (to prepare in the small portions) and shut on glutinous water (25 g glue dissolve in three buckets of water). Such mastic seizes in 30 minutes

Furnish of brick surfaces gipsokartonovymi sheets: and - proveshivanie with zabivkoj nails, - drawing matsiki between basic marks: 1 - basic marks Facing of wooden walls with fastening by nails is made so. First of all surfaces check (in particular rublenye), correct discrepancies; into grooves hammer in nails or do a notch by any tool a little to lift in grooves wood shchepu (the solution in this case is better kept). Grooves coat limy or it is better an izvestkovo-plaster solution (it is possible also plaster, mixed with sand). Sheets cut on the size and after solution drying in grooves krepjat their nails, then paint or paste over with wall-paper (fig. 75).

Paste sheets as follows (fig. 76). Surfaces proveshivajut, suit marks, between them - so-called basic marks in the size 80 h 80 mm. On their height should be not less than four and as much in the middle of sheet. Mouldings of a solution for these marks should have height not less than 50 mm that at raspljushchivanii them in the course of gluing the demanded area priklejki was provided.

Mastic put on sheet perimetre a continuous layer, and also in three places on sheet height, forming as though three cages in which put a little lepkov. To mastic put sheets, carefully pripressovyvajut that they have densely sat down for marks. Seams between them close up.