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Facing of walls

Prior to the beginning of facing a surface of walls examine, prepare and plaster a cement mortal the same as under the improved or high-quality plaster. Thus put only obryzg and a ground. A ground level, but do not rub clean, and on the contrary, scratch (for a solution and mastic) and maintain some time that the solution has well seized. If tiles are laid on an oil paint a ground well level and rub clean. After that start facing. If concrete and brick surfaces are executed well it is possible to revet them without preliminary oshtukaturivanija. Surfaces thus clear of a dust and a dirt and moisten with water.

In the course of facing round the various blank apertures and furrows it is necessary to leave the places not revetted with tiles which should be such sizes that tiles could be entered in them completely. Installation sites of washstands and other devices do not revet, but under them establish majachnye tiles, in that case when arms and pipes are not put. If all sanitary devices are established, these places revet simultaneously with all surface.

All wall revet with integral tiles, using parts of tiles only in extreme vertical rows, i.e. At corners. This rule should be observed and at facing of slopes, door and window apertures and other parts of a building.

If to fastening of tiles apply glue, mastic and an oil paint preparation carry out as it is possible more exactly as mastic than 5 mm, and various glues and a paint put a layer no more than 3 mm no more.

Proveshivanie of surfaces and installation majachnyh tiles. it is possible to revet premise Walls on all height or on any part (the panel). In that case when the bottom parts of walls revet, and top plaster, facing carry out, adhering to the fixed plane. Tiles can be at one level with plaster or act from it for the thickness.

Facing of walls begin from below. If the floor is not revetted yet at wearing floor level on all perimetre of walls establish the wooden rejki-corrected. When under the project or at will of the builder plintusnyj a number stack from standard plintusnyh tiles them stack at facing of floors. In that case rules establish taking into account height of plinths.

Then start to proveshivaniju surfaces and installation of beacons from tiles on both ends of each wall at level of the top number of tiles. Thus take into consideration a thickness of the executed plaster, a tile and a layer of the solution put at facing under a tile. At first establish two top beacons, and then two bottom - at level of the first row of tiles. The bottom beacons should be located under top so that they were strictly on one line on a vertical or a horizontal.

rice 136 as Beacons the whole tiles or their pieces can serve. Put beacons with a space from a corner on 100-120 mm that it was possible to hammer in probes. For speed beacons establish on a plaster solution, but after removal of beacons of a surface carefully clear, as the cement mortal on plaster badly keeps and exfoliates. Having executed a spadework, start facing of walls.

Facing of walls. to Revet walls is better after nastilki floors as operation on installation and fastening reek disappears.

At first prepare tiles and make an apportion of the first row of tiles dry for definition of their necessary quantity in horizontal and vertical rows. If facing is conducted with the expanded seams it is necessary to consider and their width.

If the integer of tiles does not keep within among in advance prepare rublenye, however it do provided that tiles are sorted by the size, seams have identical width, and walls are executed strictly vertically. Otherwise tiles in addition cut.

rice 137 Provesiv of a surface and having established beacons, about them drive in probes for cord-prichalki fastening.

Between two bottom beacons across pull a cord so that it was on distance of 1 mm from an upper edge of the bottom number of tiles of the future facing. The cord gives the chance to supervise horizontal position and vertical position of seams and a facing plane as a whole. In order to avoid errors cord-prichalki position check level after everyone natjagivanija.

In the course of work across and verticals supervise facing rejkoj, a plumb or a rule with level which put to facing and beacons. A rule also check also correctness of installation of separate tiles.

First row Tiles are recommended to be stacked, beginning from the middle, and to go to the right and to the left, precisely observing breakdown of seams (fig. 136). As soon as facing will reach beacons 1 or 2, beacons remove, a wall surface clear and stack the whole tiles or their parts. Having finished packing of tiles of the first row, probes 3 hammer under the second row, pull a cord and start in the same sequence second row facing, then revet the third and other numbers, to the very top. Shaped details establish in the course of facing.

By way of exception karniznye and their interfaces establish tiles after the facing termination. Horizontal position of interfaces supervise especially carefully.

On a revetted surface of a tile it is possible to have variously (fig. 137): a seam in a seam, vrazbezhku and on a diagonal. Besides, facing happens to a dense seam or expanded on 2-3 mm.

Facing of walls by way a seam in a seam. Before facing a surface prepare in the usual way and plentifully moisten with water. If surfaces equal and not plastered after preparation put a layer obryzga from a structure cement mortal 1:3. Through 30-40 mines after the solution will seize, start facing.

The Sorted tiles pile along a field of operations. A box with a solution put near to a workplace.

First row Tiles establish according to the rules described above. Then establish extreme tiles of the second row, using for check of their position the top beacon and a tile of the bottom number. All tiles stack on a cord.

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