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parquet Furnish

Strozhka of a parquet is necessary, when a parquet nastlan is negligent also separate laths strongly act or when the parquet is strongly mature. Planing carry out planes and sherhebeljami with well ground and directed knifes. Plane wood in a direction of fibres.

The Parquet wiped by a wet rag, moves out easier, but is less pure, than dry. Planing carry out kneeling. That knees felt hardness of a parquet less, under them enclose something soft, and at great volumes of works of the master-parketchiki put on specially sewed felt kneecaps.

Tsiklevanie of a parquet carry out to smooth out a surface of wood after strozhki as on it often there is a lot of pile. Scrape on wet and a seasoned wood. On wet to scrape easier, but after drying on a surface there can be a pile. That it to remove, it is necessary to scrape repeatedly well ground and directed tsiklej. TSiklevanie on a seasoned wood it is much heavier, but the surface turns out more purely, without pile. To sharpen and direct tsiklju in this case it is necessary more often.

Tsiklevanie of a parquet: and. Versions tsiklej, - tsiklevanie: 1 - steel plates, 2 - refuelling tsikli, 3 - a pin, 4 - an agnail the Order tsiklevanija following. Floors sweep, delete separate pollution, wipe a small part of a floor a damp rag or foam rubber. (Strongly to moisten a parquet it is impossible, as, drying up, laths can warp.) Tsiklju take two hands, put to a parquet and, with pressing moving it on itself, remove a shaving (fig. 44).

The Removed shaving periodically will sweep away aside that it did not disturb to work. TSiklju conduct along a lath, in a direction of fibres, rather the reverse, that was not zadirov. TSiklevaniem a parquet only smooth out, but do not level hollows and proscales. To level a floor, separate places scrape 2-3 times and more, the floor ostrogat therefore is easier.

After tsiklevanija the parquet of wood from firm breeds, for example an oak, a beech, becomes shining, and rubbed with mastic or covered with a varnish has good luster.

Natirka mastic and a covering a varnish protect floors from fast pollution and humidifying, add to them shine, allocating a wood structure. Care of such floors is more simple and is less labour-consuming, than for not finished.

For natirki a parquet use various mastics: one preliminary dilute with water, others put on a floor a thin layer and rub manually or a floor polisher. To each mastic which is let out by the industry, the instruction (it is printed on packing or on a separate leaf) according to which it is necessary to prepare and apply it is applied.

Some masters-parketchiki recommend to rub an oak parquet with water mastics, and beechen and from other breeds - waterless. Water mastics plant in strong ware with hot water. From a floor delete a dirt and a dust and put mastic a uniform thin layer a brush or a rag. As soon as the first layer of mastic will dry up, a floor cover again.

After prosyhanija mastics rub a parquet with a rigid hair brush or a floor polisher that many times faster and is easier, and the floor turns out more brilliant. On the basis of turpentine it is not necessary to plant mastic. Put it for two times a thin layer by means of a rag or a rigid brush, well pound, and only after drying a floor rub.

The Covering it is delicious more reliably. The varnish is on sale packed into tight ware on which there is an instruction on its application. Before a floor covering its varnish well clear of every possible pollution, mastics and a dust.

Strictly certain time specified in the instruction is necessary to dry the floors Covered with a varnish.