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Furnish window and doorways

Filling of a window aperture: 1 - a box, 2 - bottom zaglushina, 3 - plums, 4 - lateral zaglushina, 5 - a lateral slope, 6 - a window sill, 7 - In window and doorways of stone, brick, concrete buildings (except wooden) it is necessary to plaster a beak slopes, zaglushiny to arrange plums and window sills (fig. 70).

Preliminary prokonopachivajut all cracks; if it is necessary, in thick nametah hammer in nails and carry out wire weaving.

Internal slopes plaster so. At first plaster walls, then it is strictly horizontal at the top of an aperture hang a rule, well it fix by means of the plaster test or nails. To slopes always give skos - "ѕуюы Ёрёётх=р" i.e. The distance between the parties of slopes in the heart of apertures (at boxes) is less, than outside (at a surface of walls). Measure this distance a square with the beaten lath (fig. 71).

71. A square for definition ` a dawn corner ` on slopes; 72. Malki for solution levelling on a window slope: 1 - a rule, 2 - malka, 3 - cut, 4 - a box, 5 - konopatka At first plaster the top slope, putting a solution any tool and levelling it malkoj, the thin board made of a scrap (tesa) with cut for pass on loops (fig. 72). The party with cut it moves on a box, and without cut - by a rule. Cut is necessary that the solution was not flush with a box, and receded on 15-20 mm. Then loops on slopes remain free from a solution and will not prevent to open freely to covers.


Oshtukaturivanie top (and lateral () window slopes After the device of the top slope hang vertical rules and plaster lateral slopes (fig. 73).

To Rub clean plaster on slopes and zaglushinah is better "тЁрчуюэъѕ". A nakryvochnyj solution apply same by what the ground has been executed. Bottom zaglushiny always carry out from a structure cement mortal 1:3.

At the device zaglushin at first carry out bottom and cover them with something not to splash with a solution put on top and lateral zaglushiny. On fig. 74 the form bottom zaglushin and malki, applied to solution levelling is shown.

the Device bottom zaglushin: and - through, - with a coat hanger, 1 - malki Installation of window sills. Window sills can be concrete, marble, wooden. Wooden window sills from below close for warming by felt and upholster to lathing, and then establish on an izvestkovo-plaster solution so that the window sill had a bias 2-3 ° in a premise. At first a window sill put on wedges in that position in which it should be established. Then pour an izvest-kovo-plaster solution above wedges on 5-10 mm, put and press a window sill, shifting it in a box groove. The solution squeezed out from below cut off and well rub clean.

If there are no ready window sills, them arrange from a cement mortal, preliminary having built a timbering. For durability in a cement mortal stack armature. Window sill top well rub clean and smooth down kelmoj.