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Oven works.
The general data

In our country for heating of individual apartment houses along with water systems of heating furnaces of various designs are widely enough used. Quality of the furnace depends on correctness of preparation of a solution, observance of receptions of the laying, applied materials, in particular a brick, oven devices etc.

Warmth Preservation in the house depends not only on quality of the furnace, but also how it is made ready for the winter. We will remind that about 2/3 warmth from the house comes to light through window apertures and doors. A lot of warmth leaves through seams rublenyh wooden buildings because of badly executed konopatki, the part leaves through attics. Besides, the cold garret space is the basic source of formation of a condensate in chimneys. Temperature in the house can reduce and a cold underground.

At wood heating it is necessary to remember that crude fire wood contains a lot of moisture, at combustion turning to steam cooling nagretye walls of the furnace. In the furnace there should not be cracks. They worsen heating of the furnace and can lead to a fire.

Thin-walled furnaces quickly heat up and quickly cool down. Thick-walled, on the contrary, heat up slowly and long keep warmth.

For giving to furnaces of their beautiful kind revet with tiles (tile) or plaster. To use any mastics or glues and to revet furnaces usual glazurovannymi with ceramic tiles it is impossible: because of different temperature expansion of a bricklaying and tiles they quickly fall off. Furnaces can be put and in metal cases-beetroots.

To Apply fireplaces to heating of premises uneconomically. Them teplootdacha does not exceed 10% of quantity of the warmth allocated with fuel. A main objective of fireplaces - heat exchange in premises, creation of a beautiful interior, a cosiness.