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the Device and repair
Soil and deal floors. The general data

Dampness in an underground quickly destroys all kinds of floors, and especially wooden. Therefore at the device of floors of the ground floor, i.e. Located over an underground, following requirements should be fulfilled: the underground should be dry, in a socle or the base from two opposite sides there should be ventilating apertures for underground airing in a warm season (during cold time these apertures close teploizoljatsionnym a material). Beams, floors, logs and the bottom wreaths of walls of the house can have humidity no more than 20%. They necessarily should be antiseptirovany. antiseptirujut only the elements completely prepared for packing. After antiseptirovanija them dry.

At nastilke floors relative humidity of air should not exceed 60%, and the temperature should be not more low 8°С. Such vlazhnostnyj the mode should be observed and at operation of floors. If humidity of air is lowered (30-40% and less), floors crack, jarred on, forming cracks. In this case it is necessary to leave opened window leaves or regularly to air premises, and also to wipe floors slightly damp rag.

The Boards applied to the device of floors, it is necessary to examine attentively. If in them there are courses from bugs-drevoedov or mould traces (an initial stage of occurrence of a house mushroom) such wood is better be not to applying in business and if for any reasons it has to be used it is necessary to dry and process very well at first an antiseptic tank before utter annihilation of traces of infection.

If the underground damp, is necessary to take measures to the device of a reliable waterproofing.