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Manufacturing and installation of plinths

Nastilka of floors comes to the end with installation of plinths ( fig. 30 ). They not only close cracks between a floor and walls, but also press floor boards to beams or logs, and also protect walls from pollution, especially at washing of floors. Plinths are let out by the industry, but it is possible to make them by own strength.

Krepjat plinths only to walls. If walls not gvozdimye in them punch or bore through apertures, drive in there wooden stoppers, and into stoppers nails for fastening of plinths. Apertures under stoppers should have depth of 50-70 mm and be from each other on distance of 600-700 mm. In corners of a room plinths cut off "эр ѕё" at an angle 45 °, applying stuslo. Stykovanie plinths on length also it is made "эр ѕё". Hats of nails or screws utaplivajut in thickness of wood.

Plinths with ventilating apertures which bore through in diameter 10 mm through 500 mm, should not adjoin to a wall on 3/4 their heights that is necessary for tsirkulirovanija air. Apertures should be over a floor at height of 25 mm.

If plinths produce bruski the necessary section, stroganye from different directions or nestroganye, saw on a diagonal (from a corner on a corner). Then them process, applying special planes. That the plinth leaky adjoined to a wall and to a floor, its corner cut off on a facet. Floor boards thus are desirable for strengthening with a space from a wall on 30 mm. Painting plinths, it is necessary to watch to filling in with an aperture paint ( fig. 30, in ).luchshe them to close wooden or paper stoppers which after colouring take out.

If the varnished plinths them it is necessary krepit after performance of painting works are got.