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Parquet floors. Materials

parquet Kinds: and - laths of a piece parquet of type П1; - the same, П2; in - a parquet board and an order of packing of boards; g - naborochnyj a parquet; d - parquet boards; 1 - a premise wall; 2 - rejka; 3 - a parquet board; figures in cages designate an order of packing of boards the Piece parquet (fig. 31, and, produce from an oak, a beech, a hornbeam, an ash-tree, a maple, karagacha, an elm (ilma), a chestnut, a white acacia, a birch, a pine and a larch humidity no more than 8%.

The Thickness of laths from firm breeds of 15 mm, from soft - 18 mm. The face sheet should be pure and smooth. A thickness of a layer of deterioration - 7 - 10 mm (it is considered from an obverse surface to a crest). Width of laths from 30 to 90 mm with an interval of 5 mm, i.e. 30, 35, 40 mm etc., length of laths of 150-500 mm with an interval of 50 mm (150, 200, 250 mm etc.).

Parquet laths depending on a profile of edges share on two types: П1 - with crests and grooves on opposite edges and end faces, П2 - with a crest on one edge and with grooves on other edge and end faces. A crest - the acting part of a lath which are passing on its edge and an end face. The groove is a dredging where the crest for connection of laths among themselves and receptions of a rigid covering is inserted. Deterioration edges from outside a crest have skos in 3 ° at laths of both types, other party, with a groove, - a straight line, without skosa. Skos do that laths at them nastilke adjoined one another more densely. Supposed humidity of laths of a piece parquet 9±3%.

Quality of wood should be high. On a face sheet of laths cracks, knots, wormholes, otshchepy etc. are inadmissible. On the back some defects, including rough sites by the area no more than 30% from the size of a lath are supposed. To store parquet laths it is necessary in a dry premise, but not near to heating devices.

Parquet boards (fig. 31, consist of the wooden basis and the top obverse covering from parquet laths of identical width with the direct milled edges. Plancks of an obverse covering paste on the basis waterproof synthetic glues.

Boards produce the different sizes: 400x400, 475x475 mm with a permissible deviation yo 0,3 mm; 600x600, 800x800 mm with a deviation ±0,5 mm. Other sizes are possible also. Parquet laths have a thickness 100-400 and width of 20-50 mm. On obvjazke a board on all four edges there are grooves which do not reach corners on 100 mm.

Boards connect among themselves supplementary rejkami, made of wood of firm deciduous breeds. On a full board spend six reek, for a board polovinnogo the size - four. Length reek 50 mm, width 26 and a thickness of 8 mm.

Sometimes boards produce with crests and grooves. At nastilke edges with crests turn to walls. Krepjat boards to everyone a log nails the in length of 50-60 mm. Nails hammer into grooves naklonno, approximately at an angle 45 °, vtaplivaja in hats in wood. It is impossible to hammer in nails into an obverse surface. 400x400 mm drive in two nails Into a board in the size.

the Type-setting parquet (fig. 31, happens two types: usual or mosaic. Usual consists of the rectangular laths pasted by a face sheet on a paper, removed after nastilki a parquet on the basis. It is a version panel board. These are square boards-carpets in the size 400x400, 480x480, 520x520, 600x600, 650x650 mm with thickness of laths from firm breeds of 8 mm, from soft (a pine and a larch)-12 mm.

A Variety of the sizes gives the chance to pick up boards so that they kept within an integer of squares indoors. It is the elementary squares typed from laths of identical length and width more often. Plancks stack in boards densely, an edge to an edge. Glue apply dekstrinovyj which at wetting of a paper by water allows to remove it easily.

Except a label of laths on a paper a face sheet, them sometimes paste on any strong material the back party, and this material remains in a floor design.

The Mosaic parquet type from wood of an oak, an ash-tree, a beech, karagacha, a maple, a hornbeam and other breeds, not conceding the indicators to oak wood more often. This parquet is characterised by a variety of geometrical drawing and colour selection of wood.

The Floor from such parquet turns out more beautiful if its separate elements to lay not closely to each other, and to divide among themselves rulers (veins) from wood of other colour. Veins can be different width, but the thickness should equal to a thickness of applied boards.

Parquet boards (fig. 31, consist of two layers - bottom and top: bottom - the basis from stroganyh bruskov or reek from wood of low grades, top - a covering from rectangular laths of wood of valuable breeds. Layers stick together among themselves waterproof glues. Produce parquet boards of two types: П1 - for packing on logs and П2 - on the continuous basis. On the basis through 20-30 mm on all length there are longitudinal prosaws depth of 16 mm for boards of type П1 and 9 mm - for type П2. Longitudinal prosaws for the purpose of the prevention koroblenija do not through, instead of reaching laths of an obverse covering on 1-2 mm.

Plancks of an obverse covering have across reechnogo the bases more often, but is possible and the mixed arrangement. Length of laths 150, 160 and 207 mm, width of 20-50 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. Rejki produce in the length not less than 250 mm, and their width should be multiple to width of a parquet board.

Parquet boards of type П1 (for packing on logs) produce in the general thickness of 25 mm, and boards of type П2 (for packing on the continuous basis) - thickness of 18 mm. The sizes of parquet boards are unified, mm: at length 1200 width of a product - 145, at length 1800 - width 155 and at length 240 - width 202.

Parquet boards incorporate among themselves grooves and the crests located from opposite sides. Depth of grooves and height of crests of 7 mm. Such connection allows to receive a rigid covering.

Instead of laths the obverse covering is supposed to produce from a square interline interval tverdolistvennyh breeds of wood in the thickness not less than 4 mm. The bases produce from a seasoned wood of a pine, a fur-tree, a larch, a fir, a birch, an aspen, a cedar. In one product wood only one breed is applied. The face sheet of parquet boards should not have any defects of wood. It is covered with a waterproof and wearproof varnish a layer in the thickness with 50-60 microns without matte stains and strips.

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