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Floors with a plastic covering.
Materials (a part 2)

Etilatsetatnyj glue ПМП-10 - smetanoobraznaja the weight of light colour prepared on a basis etilatsetata, dibutilftalata and polyvinylchloride pitch. Glue of water racks also is nontoxical. It is stored in tight ware no more than month. Use for gluing of linoleum and tiles without an underlying cause. A thickness of a put layer of glue of 0,3-0,4 mm, the expense 400-500 g/m 2 .

Polivinilatsetatnyj glue - smetanoobraznaja weight of white colour. In this glue add napolnitel - portlandtsement marks 400-500 (no more than 12% on weight). It is applied to linoleum gluing on teplozvukoizolirujushchej to an underlying cause, polyvinylchloride tiles on a fabric underlying cause, synthetic nap carpets. Glue put a thin layer (0,4-0,5 mm), the expense 400-500 g/m 2 .

Dispersive glue ADM-TO - smetanoobraznaja weight of brown colour. Glue is nontoxical, water racks, is fireproof. Than 3 months are stored in tight ware Apply to gluing of all kinds polyvinylchloride linoleumov and tiles with an underlying cause, including tiles "¤Ёхтшэшы" no more;. It is possible to paste on the concrete basis, a cement-sandy coupler, drevesno-fibrous plates with humidity no more than 60%. Put glue a layer of 0,2-0,3 mm, the expense 300-400 g/m 2 . For tiles "¤Ёхтшэшы" the thickness of a layer increases by 0,1 mm, the expense of glue 400-500 g/m 2 .

Bitumno-synthetic glue - viscous weight of black colour, waterproof and nontoxical. Consists of a mix of bitumen, rubber glue, solvent (uajt-spirit) and napolnitelja in number of no more than 5%. The Period of storage in tight ware no more than 3 months For gluing of polyvinylchloride tiles glue put a layer in the thickness of 0,3-0,4 mm, for gluing of linoleum and tiles "¤Ёхтшэшы" - 0,4-0,5 mm, the expense gluing accordingly 300-400 and 400-500 g/m 2 .

Kumaronobutilformaldegidnyj glue 88-N - viscous weight of grey colour with a yellowish shade. Than 3 months are stored in tight container Before application it is necessary to dissolve with gasoline to the necessary viscosity no more. Use for gluing of linoleum and tiles without an underlying cause. A thickness of a layer of glue of 0,1-0,2 mm (on the equal basis), the expense 150-250 g/m 2 .

Mastics apply to the same purposes, as glues. Prepare them from organic knitting (basically bitumen) with tonkomolotymi napolniteljami and additives. Besides, mastics happen rezinobitumnye, polymeric, etc. These mastics apply in a hot condition if into them enter solvent use also the cold. To store mastics follows in tight ware. Hot mastics type durability through 2-3 ch, cold - through 3-7 sut after drawing.

Napolniteljami serve in mastics asbestos of 6 and 7th groups (not less than 10% of weight of mastic), and also pylevidnye materials: trepel, talc and others in density to 3000 kg/m 3 (to 25%). Sometimes apply combined napolniteli from a mix of different materials, them add not less than 20%.

For preparation of mastics bitumen heat up to 220°С, to its full fusion and water removal, i.e. Until bitumen will not cease to allocate foam.

Working with hot mastics, it is necessary to observe safety precautions regulations. Many mastics prepare approximately in an hour prior to the beginning of works. If hot mastic has thickened, it warm up. Cold mastics are more convenient and are safe in work. To prepare mastic it is necessary far from combustible premises, strictly observing fire-prevention requirements. Near to the furnace or a fire should there is in enough a sand and the water necessary for suppression of lighted up bitumen.

Hot bitumen roofing mastic - weight of dark brown colour, not waterproof and nontoxical. It prepare from building oil bitumens of mark БН-50/50, roofing oil bitumens of mark БНК-45/180 or vysokoplavkogo oil bitumen.

In the course of bitumen fusion on its surface there are every possible extraneous impurity which are necessary for deleting a grid on the long handle or bankoj on the same handle with the apertures punched in it. That bitumen has fast fused, it is recommended to be cut small pieces.

For preparation of mastic of 10 kg it is required: 8,5 kg of bitumen, for example, marks БН-50/50 and 1,5-1,7 kg napolnitelja (a peat crumb, small asbestos, ground slag or limestone, the wood flour, sifted through a fine sieve). Loaded into a copper or a tank on 3/4 its volumes bitumen heat up to the fusion, the emerged impurity delete. To heat up bitumen it is necessary until it will not cease to foam, i.e. Does not become dehydrated. Having extinguished fire, in bitumen add dry napolnitel and carefully all mix. Apply mastic only in a hot condition. On this mastic paste waterproofing materials and linoleum without an underlying cause. Put mastic a layer of 1-1,5 mm, spending 1,1-1,7 kg/m 2 .

Cold bitumen roofing mastic. For preparation of mastic of 10 kg 5 kg of bitumen specified above mark are necessary to take, 3 kg of green oil or kerosene and 2 kg small napolnitelja, it is better some asbestos of 6 or 7th group. Bitumen plavjat before the foaming termination. Fire extinguish, and at continuous stirring in bitumen pour in in the small portions green oil or kerosene, and then, also in the small portions, enter napolnitel. All carefully mix it. The prepared weight merge in tight ware and apply to a label of linoleum without an underlying cause.

Cold bitumen mastic is prepared also from oil bitumen of the specified mark (75,5%), by rosin (3%) and automobile gasoline (21,5%). At first plavjat and all mix bitumen, then rosin not less than 10-15 minutes Having put out fire, to bitumen allow to cool down to 80°С. After that pour in in the small portions gasoline and all carefully mix. Mastic with temperature not above 55°С merge in tight ware.

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