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Floors with a plastic covering.
Materials (a part 3)

Besides, the industry lets out following mastics: bitumno-rubber izoljatsionnuju "Ђчюы" bitumno-skipidarnuju "…шёъш" cold bitumno-synthetic, kumarono-rubber КН-2 and КН-3, "¤хЁьшэшф" "+ѕьш-ыръё" on which labels there are instructions on their application. All of them are produced with application of materials which are not always accessible to the mass builder.

However there are mastics which well paste linole-minds and tiles, and materials for their preparation are available on sale.

Lakomelovaja mastic prepares from an oil-pitch varnish № 7 (40%), dry tonkomolotogo a chalk (60%) by mixing of materials among themselves. That the mix has turned out homogeneous, it is desirable to grind it on kraskoterke or to wipe through a fine sieve. Mastic is applied to gluing alkidnogo linoleum and should be used during 7 ch. Hardens at a room temperature in 3-5 days

Lakosurikovaja cretaceous mastic prepares from an oil varnish № 74, 75 or 408 (35-30%), dry ohry (3-5%), iron minium (2-5%) and dry tonkoprosejannogo a chalk (60%). It is applied to gluing linoleumov on a fabric underlying cause. Mastic prepare so. A chalk, ohru and minium carefully mix among themselves. In this mix pour in a varnish and again carefully mix, it is desirable to grind in addition also a mix in kraskoterke. 2-3 days the Thickened mastic plant viability of mastic with a varnish. The expense of mastic of 1-1,2 kg/m 2 .

cement-oil-cretaceous mastic prepares from drying oil-oksol (36%), a ground dry chalk (47%) and portlandtsementa marks 300-400 (17%). The given mastic on properties and appointment is similar lakomelovoj. In the course of its preparation a chalk mix with cement, in a mix pour in drying oil-oksol and again carefully mix. After that fray on kraskoterke or wipe through a fine sieve.

First coats. For more reliable gluing to the basis of drevesno-fibrous plates, linoleum, tiles or synthetic carpets it is recommended preliminary ogruntovat a basis surface, and also pasted surfaces of plates, linoleum, etc. Mastic put on the dried up first coat.

First coats is better to prepare from the same mastics or glues by which will be pasted linoleum and tiles, by cultivation by their same solvents on which they are prepared. Under bitumen mastic a surface it is possible ogruntovat the dissolved bitumen, under degtevuju - a coal pitch.

Structures of first coats, % on weight:

  1. bitumen - 40, soljarovoe oil, kerosene or automobile gasoline - 60;
  2. a coal pitch - 45, antratsenovoe oil - 55.

The Measured materials heat up to full raspravlenija and the foaming terminations, deleting emerging impurity. Fire extinguish, cool bitumen or a pitch to 80°С, pour in solvent and all carefully mix.

The Prepared first coat should be liquid and homogeneous (without lumps). Is better to filter it through a fine sieve. After drawing on the dry basis it should dry up for 5-10 ch without otlipa.

To Store first coats it is necessary in tight ware. However is better to prepare a first coat directly ahead of application.

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