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Floors with a plastic covering.

Linoleumy make of various materials. The most widespread kinds - polyvinylchloride and rubber multilayered (relin). On structure distinguish linoleumy without an underlying cause, on fabric and on teploizolirujushchej to an underlying cause.

Polyvinylchloride multilayered and single-layered linoleum without an underlying cause produce monophonic, trimmed marbled or with printing drawing. Rolls have length of 12 m, width of 1200-2400 mm and a thickness of 1,5-1,8 mm. The roll can consist of pieces in length not less than 3 m. the Lack of this type of linoleum that at negative temperatures of air indoors its elasticity sharply decreases is.

Polyvinylchloride linoleum on a fabric underlying cause let out with a monophonic surface, marbled or with printing drawing. Produce its five types - And, In, G, D (for example, And - multishaped duplicated with an obverse layer from a transparent polyvinylchloride film with printing drawing etc.). Let out rolls which can have pieces the in length not less than 3 m. Length of a roll of 12 m, width of 1350-2000 mm, a thickness of 1,6 and 2 mm.

Polyvinylchloride linoleum on teploizolirujushchej to an underlying cause produce two-layer monophonic or with printing drawing. The top layer is covered by a transparent polyvinylchloride film, bottom - nonwoven, serving teploizolirujushchej an underlying cause. Let out rolls the in length of 12 m, width 1350-1800 mm, the general thickness of 3,6 mm. It can be applied only there where there is no heavy traffic.

Polyvinylchloride linoleum with the made foam underlying cause and printing drawing let out multi-colour with an imprinted and not imprinted obverse surface. It let out two types: Л-1,8 in the thickness of 1,8 mm for floors in premises of inhabited and public buildings and ЛТЗ-3,3 (teplozvukoizoljatsionnyj) in the thickness of 3,3 mm for floors of residential buildings.

On quality following demands are made to the considered kinds of linoleum: the face sheet should not have bowls, folds, scratches, stains, strips, splashes from a paint and drawing distortions. Linoleum should be in regular intervals painted and not change colours under the influence of water, light and air.

Rubber multilayered linoleum (relin) is painted for all thickness of an obverse layer. It can be monophonic or cut marbled. Relin very elastic material, it consists of the top layer in the thickness not less than 0,8 mm and one-two bottom layers. Produce relin three types:

  • And - for nastilki in inhabited, public and industrial buildings;
  • - in public and industrial where there is a compulsory ventilation;
  • In (antistatic) - in operational and special laboratories.

Let out rolls the in length of 12 m, width 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600 mm, thickness of 3 mm.

Polyvinylchloride tiles happen single-layered and multilayered, they, as a matter of fact, differ nothing from linoleum. The obverse surface can be smooth monophonic, multi-colour, with imprinted drawing. Produce square tiles in the size 300x300 mm and trapetseidalnye - left and right (them produce from square tiles in the size 300x300 mm). A thickness 1,5; 2 and 2,5 mm.

the Polyvinylchloride pressed tiles "¤Ёхтшэшы-¦" produce single-layered in the thickness of 4-5 mm, the size 500x500 mm. These tiles possess low istiraemostju.

Carpet materials for the device of coverings of floors sometimes lay, without fixing them to the basis. It vorsolin - a two-layer material without teploizolirujushchej underlying causes, one-colour and multi-colour. Let out its panels the in length of 6 m, width 700 mm, thickness of 5 mm. the synthetic material for floors on made foam lateksnoj to an underlying cause is produced two-layer with thickness of the bottom layer not less by than 4 mm. An obverse layer smooth or from a nap synthetic fabric. The material possesses good wear resistance. Length of rolls of 6 m, width of 90 mm. Vorsovo-proshivnye carpet materials produce carpets the in length not less than 6 m and width to 4,5 m.

All considered materials before their application should be sustained in a warm premise not less than two weeks (the longer, the better). It is necessary for stabilisation of the sizes of linoleum, tiles which possess ability to shrink or extend. At nastilke well sustained materials of such phenomena do not happen. To store all rolled materials follows only in vertical position as at storage in horizontal position they slezhivajutsja and at raskatyvanii lay down wavy.

To gluing of the considered materials to the basis apply glues and mastics.

Glues, applied to gluing of linoleum and tiles, - rather liquid substances seldom incorporating napolnitel, and that in a small amount. Depending on the physicomechanical properties they can stick together among themselves or only homogeneous or diverse materials. Therefore important correctly to pick up glue that it not only reliably pasted, but also did not destroy materials (linoleum or tiles), did not allocate various undesirable smells.

Glue "…ѕё=шыр=" represents smetanoobraznuju weight of white colour. Smells after tverdenija does not allocate. At work with it it is necessary to observe fire-prevention rules. A period of storage in hermetically sealed container at temperature not from above 5°С no more than month.

"…ѕё=шыр=" than 4% serve for gluing of polyvinylchloride linoleum on a fabric and synthetic underlying cause, various polyvinylchloride tiles on a various underlying cause and synthetic nap carpets on the concrete bases and cement couplers as humidity no more. Humidity of air in no more than 60% and temperature not more low 15°С.

Put glue a layer in the thickness of 0,7-0,8 mm (for linoleum and tiles) or 0,6-0,7 mm (for synthetic carpets). The glue expense, g/m 2 : for synthetic carpets - 700-800, for linoleum and tiles - 800-900. Glue types durability in 3 days after drawing.

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