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Painting works. Materials (a part 3)

Smyvki - the liquids applied to removal of hardened colourful films: oil, enamel, varnish and others; are necessary at performance of repair work.

Smyvka SD - a homogeneous transparent liquid for removal of oil and varnish coverings from metal details. Smyvku put a brush or kraskoraspylitelem. Through 3 mines the covering starts to bulk up and be wrinkled. Remove a material steel shpatelem. The expense smyvki at removal of oil varnishes - no more than 170 g/m 2 .

Smyvka АФТ-1 is used for removal of old oil and paint and varnish coverings on the basis of cellulose nitrate. Through 20 mines after drawing smyvki a brush or kraskoraspylitelem the film bulks up and is wrinkled, then it delete shpatelem.

Smyvka of the joint venture-7 represents emulsiju the white colour, put by a brush or kraskoraspylitelem. Razryhlenie and vspuchivanie an old covering comes through 10 mines after drawing smyvki. The expense smyvki - 150 g/m 2 .

To Work with smyvkami follows in respirators, and from the joint venture-7 - in a filtering gas mask. Hands should be protected rubber gloves or strong canvas mittens.

Auxiliary materials apply to preparation of various painting structures, shpatlevok and first coats.

Copper kuporos - crystals of dark blue colour. It is necessary for preparation kuporosnogo a ground under glutinous paints. Add also in limy structures for removal of a yellowish shade or for giving bluish. Kuporos it is possible to dissolve only in the enameled or wooden ware. The zinced ware quickly collapses.

Aljumokalievye alum - the colourless crystals dissolved in water. Are used for preparation of first coats, limy structures (give them durability), protect paste from fast rotting.

Liquid ammonia - a colourless liquid with a pungent smell, applied to washing of the smoked surfaces, preparation emulsy etc.

the Laundry soap serves as the additive in first coats, shpatlevki, emulsii, and also is used for washing of hands and the tool. Happens different fat content; for painting works in all recipes%-s' is given 40. If soap fatter it accordingly take less.

Pumice - firm, easy, porous weight. It is applied for zachistki surfaces, in particular proshpatlevannyh. Pumice happens natural and artificial.

Leshchad - pieces of a brick from white refractory clay. Apply for zachistki plasters. Instead of leshchadi it is possible to use a usual brick, it is better silicate.

the Grinding skin - a dense paper or a fabric covered on the one hand with usual or waterproof glue and strewed by a powder (sand, a sandpaper, pounded glass) with grains different krupnosti. Waterproof skins apply to wet polishing.

Depending on krupnosti applied grain of a skin share under numbers: the more number, the is larger some grain. For example, № 200 has krupnost grains 2500 microns (2,5 mm), № 40 - 500 microns (0,5 mm). There are skins with grain from 5 to 3 microns. The grains, the more roughly zachistka (on a surface there are deep scratches) are larger.

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