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Obojnye of work. Materials (a part 2)

Pastes, glues, mastics and their preparation. For gluing of wall-paper, linkrusta, every possible films, and also for prokleivanija surfaces pastes, glues, mastics are applied. All of them possess various gluing ability, i.e. Durability of gluing. Easy and thin materials can be pasted on weak gluing structures, heavy - on stronger. As it has been told, the flour and starch should be applied in exceptional cases, replacing with their gluing materials of industrial manufacturing.

All industrial gluing materials for needs of the population let out in small packaging - packages or banks. Dry gluing substances for preparation from them glues or pastes dissolve in water more often. From a package in weight of 1 kg it is possible to prepare about 8-10 l of gluing structure. (The structure more liquid, the more poorly its gluing ability, and on the contrary.)

Having got this or that gluing material, it is necessary to read attentively the instruction about a way of its preparation, a storage time etc. Infringement of recommendations leads to undesirable consequences. For example, some structures of industrial manufacturing cannot be applied for prokleivanija the surfaces painted by oil or enamel paints. Paints in this case are necessary for removing completely in the mechanical or chemical way. If to clean off a paint it is impossible, it is necessary to replace gluing structure with another.

Paste from a flour or starch is applied to gluing of almost all wall-paper and linkrusta, on all kinds of surfaces. The flour can be applied obdirnaja, wheaten, ovsjanaja and another, possessing good gluing ability. Starch it is possible to use any: potato, corn or maisovyj. A flour and starch necessarily sift through a fine sieve that there were no lumps. The remained lumps fray or pound.

For increase of gluing ability of paste in it add joiner's glue at the rate on 10 l of paste 100 g bone or 50 g mezdrovogo glue. Lumpy glue split up and fill in for the night with warm or cold water. As soon as it will inflate, it plavjat in 500-1000 g waters then filter through a sieve or a gauze for removal of lumps. Paste also filter to remove from it possible lumps which can leave on a surface of wall-paper mramorovidnye stains. It is possible not to filter separately glue and paste, and after preparation to filter all at once.

Prepare flour or starched paste so. Give the quantity of materials necessary for preparation of 10 l of paste. Fill in with warm water, carefully all mix before reception of the homogeneous liquid test which can flow a squirt (in it there should not be lumps and clots). In other capacity lead up to boiling the necessary quantity of water, for example 5-6 l. In boiling water a squirt pour in the liquid dough at careful hashing. The received weight lead up to boiling that paste was ready is better. Thus it well mix. Badly ready paste possesses low gluing ability. If in paste add glue, that, having welded, it pour in a squirt, carefully all mixing. We remind that it is desirable to pour in in hot paste hot glue, in cold - cold. For finishing of paste to the necessary density and volume in it add hot water at careful hashing and only after that filter through a sieve or a gauze for uniformity maintenance. It is possible to put homogeneous structure a thin layer on wall-paper or on surfaces of walls.

Paste is subject to rotting; to prevent it, in it (on 9-10 l of paste) add aljumokalievye alum (50 or 25%-s' karbolovuju acid (25). In quality insektitsida (a preparation against insects) add 15-20 g drills. Alum, to a drill and karbolku preliminary dissolves in water.

As it has been told, joiner's glue add in paste to raise its gluing ability, however on some grades of simple wall-paper it leaves mramorovidnye the stains spoiling their face sheet. Therefore simple wall-paper is better for pasting without introduction in paste of joiner's glue. Paste with glue apply for proklejki walls and gluing of a paper (paper for recycling). To carry out proklejku and to paste a paper it is possible on cold or hot paste, and wall-paper to paste only on cold, differently the paint on wall-paper will start to be smeared during time priglazhivanija. It is good to smooth wall-paper through a white paper. If the paper is soiled by paste it wipe and leave for prosushivanija. Therefore papers it is necessary to have some sheets.

Working life of the prepared paste at positive temperature one days, at zero or a bit more low - two or three days. In a warm season it can be stored in a refrigerator, however to prepare paste for one day of work as fresh it possesses the best gluing ability is better. The expense of any gluing substance depends on a roughness of a surface, density of a paper and wall-paper. Some wall-paper demands double namazyvanija paste.

Pastes on the basis of glue KMTS. Glue KMTS is a friable white weight, sometimes with kremovatym a shade. Paste from this glue does not rot, in it bacteria do not breed. In retail it arrives packaged in packages in weight to 1 kg. From this glue prepare two pastes: № 1 - for gluing of wall-paper and № 2 - for proklejki and paper gluing.

Paste № 1 prepare from 4 mas. ch. Glue KMTS humidity no more than 20% and 96 ch. Waters. The necessary quantity of water heat up to 18... 25°С and at intensive hashing add in it glue, then structure leave on 12 ch for swelling and glue dissolution. In this time it is necessary to mix structure some times.

Paste № 2 prepare from paste № 1 in which add 200 g the dry sifted chalk or the cretaceous paste 30%-s' humidity filtered through a fine sieve. All carefully mix to a total homogeneity. Paste can be stored in densely closed container no more than 7 days. Dry glue KMTS it is possible to store unlimited time in a dry premise.

The Average expense of paste № 2 for proklejki and paper gluing (on 1 m 2 surfaces) - 150 g, the paste expense № 1 for gluing of wall-paper - 140

From glue KMTS it is necessary to apply the enameled ware To preparation of paste. After preparation paste is desirable for filtering.

Polivinilatsetatnyj prepare glue from plastifitsirovannoj despersii PVA (2,5 kg) and waters (1. Dipersija PVA should be 50%-s' concentration. It mix with water in temperature 14... 20°С to a homogeneous consistence. It is applied to gluing of films on a paper basis and prokleivanija surfaces. Safety no more than 5 days in the closed container at positive temperature.

Glue "…ѕё=шыр=" consists of synthetic latex, gasoline-solvent, cretaceous paste and glue KMTS. For preparation from it working structure (paste) for proklejki surfaces take 3,5 kg "…ѕё=шыр=р" and 1 l of water and carefully mix all. Gluing of films on a paper basis needs 3,5 kg "…ѕё=шыр=р" and 0,5 l of water. Store in the closed container of 5 days.

Perhlorvinilovyj prepare glue from perhlorvinilovogo polymer and acetone by careful mixing before the beginning of work with it. Glue is inflammable. Store it in hermetically closed container. It is applied for proklejki and gluing of films on a fabric basis, linkrusta. For prokleivanija polymer 10%, acetone of 90%, for gluing - polymer of 20%, acetone of 80% undertake.

Except these glues on sale can be and others, applied to gluing of wall-paper and films.

All considered pastes and glues use for proklejki and gluing of wall-paper or films on a surface from concrete, gipsoshlakobetona, plastered of various materials, on every possible shpatlevkam, on a tree, drevesnostruzhechnym and to wood-fiber plates.

As it has been told, wall-paper produces from a paper of different density, a film - from various materials, therefore the gluing structure is applied to each pasted material.

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