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Glass works.

Glass is applied sheet in the thickness of 2 mm and more. To glass fastening in folds apply nails in the length from 15 to 20 mm, long use for fastening shtapikov in folds.

It is possible to replace Nails with hairpins. For their manufacturing the steel wire in the thickness to 1,5 mm, capable to break after two-three excesses undertakes.

Putty prepare from a chalk and drying oil. The chalk should be dry, sifted through a sieve with cells no more than 0,5 h 0,5 mm. The crude chalk considerably reduces quality of putty. Drying oil serves binding, and is better to use natural drying oil. The seminatural drying oil containing to 90% of natural oils is suitable also.

For podkrashivanija putties use dry or grated paints. By the way, grated paints not only paint putty, but also raise its durability.

Preparation of cretaceous putty.

Putty prepare two kinds: dense testoobraznuju for obmazyvanija folds after packing and fastening of glass and semi-fluid, put on folds before packing, on them glasses at osteklenii on double putty.

Putty should meet following requirements:

  • to be plastic, i.e. The platen rolled from it, should be stretched well, becoming in the middle all is more thin and is more thin, up to rupture in the most thin place (the platen from bad putty is usually torn without being stretched);
  • to be soft and without the big efforts to be put on folds, glass and shtapiki, it is good to stick to glass, a tree, metal, without sticking thus to hands that complicates work;
  • not to stick to a knife, it is good to be levelled and have after knife pass a smooth brilliant surface without roughnesses;
  • to be morozo - and teplostojkoj, not to burst after drying and not to lag behind folds.

Preparation of putty and definition of its quality: and - zameshivanie, - vykatyvanie, in - quality definition putty correctly prepared from good stuff should serve not less than 10 years.

Manually putty prepare in a small amount. In protiven, on sheet of a steel or plywood a hill fill tonkomolotyj sejanyj a chalk, do in it a funnel, pour there drying oil and all mix shpatelem or veselkoj. At hashing add a chalk which quantity depends on demanded density of putty. In process of chalk introduction to mix putty shpatelem or veselkoj it becomes difficult also it start to knead hands as the dough, or to roll out. For this purpose on sheet of a steel or plywood fill a layer swept in the thickness of 10-20 mm, put a portion of putty and roll out its both hands until it will not incorporate swept so much that will cease to stick to hands and will clear them of earlier stuck weight. The putty received thus should be homogeneous, without chalk or drying oil layers. Then from putty produce the platen and check it on extension (fig. 108).

At introduction in putty of dry building paints them at first mix with a chalk, and then prepare in the usual way. If are added gustotertye or oil paints ready to the use them preliminary mix with drying oil. To store putty follows in a polyethylene sack.

Svezhezasohshuju break putty a hammer, add a few drying oils and knead.