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Oven devices

146. Dverki and poludverki: and - ordinary. - tight, in, g - simple steel; 147. Cleanings from a roofing steel; and - a framework, - a box with inserted into it kirpichem; 148. To frameworks dverok Oven devices produce fastening of pads from pig-iron or a steel. Pig-iron devices happen ordinary and tight. The last gives preference. Produce oven devices of the different sizes according to standards.

Dverki and poludverki consist of a framework and a cloth (fig. 146). Distinguish top internal, podduvalnye, prochistnye and vjushechnye dverki and poludverki.

Cleanings-boxes (147) produce fig. from a roofing steel. Pads to frameworks dverok (148) carry out fig. from a strip steel. Krepjat them to frameworks dverok and to an oven laying. Length of pads of 200-500 mm. Fastening dverok a wire less strongly. Frameworks dverok are recommended to be wrapped up shnurovym asbestos and only then to insert into a laying. Products cover from two parties with a fire-resistant varnish.

149. An oven latch; and - a framework, - a cursor; 150. Vjushka (and a drum (): 1 - a framework, 2 - blinok, 3 - a cover; 151. Pig-iron plates; and - integral with obnoj a ring, - integral with two rings, in - compound with a ring Latches oven (fig. 149) serve for closing of a chimney after a fire chamber of the furnace or for switching of smoke channels in otopitelno-cooking furnaces. Are cast from pig-iron.

Vjushki (fig. 150) are intended for the same purposes, as a latch. Sometimes instead of latches put vjushki. Quite often apply simultaneously and vjushki, and latches. Vjushku place above a latch. Diameter of apertures vjushek 150-230 mm. Vjushki can be simple and rotary (vjushka-ram).

Grid-iron lattices, or grid-irons, produce the different sizes from pig-iron. Establish over podduvalami, having cuts lengthways toplivnika.


152. The Oven (oven); 153. A water-heating box; 154. An oven barrier (zaslonka); 1 - a cloth, 2 - the handle, 3 - a pad from a strip steel, 4 - asbestos sheet Plates pig-iron - the top pig-iron flooring (fig. 151) - happen integral (to one or two rings) or compound (deaf persons or with rings). Apply to the kitchen centers.

Ovens (152) produce the different sizes fig. from a sheet steel. The thick steel serves longer thin. Seams should be the dense, connected folds or welded. External surfaces cover with heat-resistant varnishes or enamels.

Water-heating boxes (153) produce fig. from corrosion-proof or malorzhavejushchih materials. Copper and brass boxes should be tinned. Establish a box or near to toplivnikom, or it is direct behind an oven. That boxes served longer, them insert into a steel case. Covers of boxes should be closed densely.

Zaslonki (fig. 154) serve for closing of a mouth of the Russian furnace. Can be pig-iron and steel.

Samovarnik (dushnik) - a piece of a pipe in diameter not less than 100 mm from a roofing steel. Serves for an insert samovarnoj pipes at samovar heating. It is sometimes closed by a cover.

Sockets - the pieces of a pipe densely closed by a cover. Insert into one of smoke channels at the top of the furnace. Open after a furnace fire chamber. During a socket fire chamber should be closed.

sheet in the size 700x500 mm stack Predtopochnyj under a fire chamber on sheet asbestos or the felt soaked in a liquid clay solution, and krepjat to a floor plaster nails. Before packing felt needs to be dried to exclude formation of a house mushroom.