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Painting works.
Preparation of surfaces (a part 2)

Preparation of the surfaces painted by an oil paint. If old colouring does not demand removal, preparation is reduced to the following. It is necessary to paint zashpatlevannye cracks of one-two time with a paint of the same colour, as old. So do because to paint an one-colour surface easier, and the main thing, on colouring will not be matte (withered) stains and strips as new shpatlevka involves drying oil from a put paint, than an old paint more strongly. Similarly it is necessary to arrive and at colouring of old surfaces with again plastered places or the inserted boards that they after colouring were not allocated.

Instead of preliminary colouring such places it is possible two-three times ogruntovat.

Ogruntovka of surfaces. Having prepared surfaces, start to them ogruntovke the specified structures.

The First coat put in one or several layers that depends on quality of a surface. Ground only the dry surfaces, each new layer of a first coat put on well dried up previous layer of earth.

If the new plastered surfaces ground mylovarom, it is necessary to carry out this operation two times. The second ogruntovku put after drying of the first, on dried up to the second ogruntovke - paint.

Cleanliness of colouring depends On quality of shading ogruntovki. Last layer of a first coat shade on walls vertical strokes, without rough strips and potekov. If colouring is executed for once it is better to execute first coat shading by horizontal strokes because at colouring of walls a paint shade from a floor to a ceiling, i.e. Vertically. Strokes, crossing, will give the chance to receive more equal colouring.

The First coat on ceilings shade against light, and a paint - in an opposite direction. The ceilings executed from modular plates, ground across, and paint lengthways. At use of platens it is necessary to adhere to the same order.

Painting oil and other waterless structures, it is necessary to carry out proolifku and ogruntovku. At colouring without shpatlevanija, directly after prodrying oils, shading on a tree carry out across fibres, on walls - it is horizontal, on ceilings - across light beams.

On quality ogruntovki it is necessary to turn the close attention: the first coat without careful shading leaves rough strips which no good colouring can correct.

Proshpatlevannye of a surface before colouring is recommended not prooliflivlivat, and to ground a liquid paint, adding on 1 kg of drying oil of 0,5-1 kg gustotertoj paints of the necessary colour. After good ogruntovki instead of two colourings enough one. At proolifke it is necessary to carry out two colourings.

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