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Performance of architectural details (a part 2)

Such process vytjagivanija is called "шёёхЁр" here the usual solution and a template is applied move the fettered steel the party forward. Vytjagivanie repeat repeatedly, putting thin layers of a solution until the eaves do not become absolutely pure. If vytjagivanie it was made by an izvestkovo-plaster solution through 5-10 mines a template again insert into rules and spend it two-three more times "шёёхЁр" strongly pressing a template. The steel profile easily cuts off extended solution, thereby releasing a place between a profile board and draught for nakryvochnogo a layer.

After that clear of a solution a box, rules and a template. The last also wash out a brush moistened with water to remove grains of sand which will leave scratches on nakryvochnom a layer. A solution prepare from 3 ch. The limy test and 0,5-1 ch. Some the plaster sifted through a sieve with cells is not more rare 1x1 mm. The solution should be average density (smetanoobraznyj). It put a continuous thin layer. A template conduct forward cut - the wooden party ("эр ыюёъ") which smoothes a solution is better. This operation is repeated by two-three times. The template should be conducted, without stopping, on all length of rules. After everyone protjagivanija and rules clear a template of the stuck solution. Especially carefully clear a profile board. Vytjagivanie "шчсхыр" it should be conducted very purely, without seams, bowls and other defects.

At cement mortal use vytjagivanie carry out as, only nakryvochnyj a solution prepare on small sand.

After vytjagivanija eaves from different directions premises and shvatyvanija nakryvochnogo a solution start cutting of corners which than half of length of a sled remained not held on a bit more.

Cutting of corners by hand by means of a ruler: and - a ruler; - corner cutting; 1 - nails carry out This operation by means of a wooden ruler with the cut off end at an angle 45 ° to which beat a steel plate - a cutter (fig. 69). The most convenient length of a ruler of 600 mm.

Cutting is conducted in certain sequence. In a corner, on 10-15 mm below level of the extended eaves, put a ground solution, giving it kelmoj the necessary form. Then on a ground put nakryvochnyj a solution, blocking the basic draught on 5-10 mm. After the solution has a little seized, start cutting of corners - to cutting of a solution by a ruler. It put to earlier extended draught (eaves) and smoothly advance along it a cutter forward so that the ruler went exactly, and its cutter did not go deep into thickness of the put solution. The ruler cuts off a superfluous solution from a corner, leaving this or that regional ohm.

After solution cutting architectural oblomy, located on two adjacent walls, should converge precisely in luzge a corner.

The Cut corners can be a little rough, with not quite correct form regional ohms. Therefore them rub small poluterkom.

Luzg should be strictly vertical, for what it check a plumb and spend the end otrezovki a thin line which allocates luzg more sharply. Rules after everyone vytjagivanija eaves remove and outweigh on the following party.

After cutting of all corners if the ceiling is jammed, strips of the solution extended by a template, grind in, and if it is not jammed, at first carry out nakryvku, and then zatirku. Then cover and rub clean walls. Then assort podmosti and plaster a bottom of walls.

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