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Performance of architectural details

the Device padugi by hand: and - usual poluterkom, - shaped poluterkom, in - vytjagivanie padugi: 1 - a rule on a wall, 2 - polozok, 3 - a cloth a semigrater, 4 - the handle a semigrater, 5 - a solution the Device padug. After the ceiling will be plastered and jammed, and also plaster to podmostej (it is possible without zatirki) is executed, on luzgam arrange padugu, or galtel, in a kind zakruglenija with the big or small radius. This work can be carried out usual poluterkom, giving to a solution put in luzg, the necessary form (fig. 63,). It is possible to make shaped semigraters (fig. 63,) which move on a solution lengthways luzga. This operation repeat some times, it will not turn out yet absolutely equal, without hillocks and bowls, paduga. It it is possible also "т№= эѕ=і" It poluterkom, but for this purpose it is necessary to beat to a wall a rule, and to a semigrater - a piece rejki or boards, forming a so-called sled (fig. 63,). Zachistku padug carry out small poluterkom.

Vytjagivanie of eaves. Eaves narjadnee podugi, it consists of a set of architectural regional ohms: shelves, shelves, platens, shaft, guskov, heels etc. (Fig. 64). For vytjagivanija eaves it is necessary to make a special template (fig. 65).

All details should be processed sherhebelem or a plane, podkosy - a knife. The profile board is cut out strictly in a square. Its sizes on top (ceiling) and bottom (stenovoj) parts should be on 50-70 mm of more profile of eaves. These allowances are called as excuses (fig. 65 see). They provide vytjagivanie equal tapes at one level with a wall and a ceiling. Then them grind in to a plaster plane. On a profile board transfer a profile of the eaves drawn on a paper taking into account an excuse and cut out a knife. One party of the cut out profile mow down (cut off at an angle 20-30 °). The cut off party is called "эр ыюёъ" and not cut off - "эр ёфшЁ". Vytjagivanie carry out "эр ыюёъ" or "эр ёфшЁ".

Architectural oblomy, eaves and profiles of draughts: and - architectural oblomy, b-d - external draughts-corbels, e-zh - external eaves, z - internal eaves: 1 - a shelf, 2 - a shelf, 3 - the platen, 4 - a shaft, 5,6 - a quarter shaft (direct and return), 7,8 heel (direct and return), 9,10 gusek (direct and return), 11,12 - vykruzhka (direct and return), 13 - skotsija, 14 - After that the profile of eaves drawn on a paper transfer a beak on a piece of a roofing steel, cut out and beat small nails through 5-10 mm from each other to not oblique party of a wooden profile ("эр ёфшЁ"). Thus protect a tree from fast istiranija about a solution.

From below a profile board nail up to a sled, and then in addition fasten podkosami, beaten with both parties. podkosy not only keep a board in a sled, but also serve as handles for which take a template during time vytjagivanija it of eaves.

To vytjagivanija eaves it is necessary to put a layer of earth on a ceiling and the top part of walls. On a ceiling, besides, it is possible to execute nakryvku and zatirku.

Then about one of corners to a wall and a ceiling strictly vertically (on a plumb) put a template and leave on a wall, in the bottom of a sled, a label for installation of the bottom rule. Above, on a ceiling, also tag. After that operation repeat in the second corner etc. Labels are the thin hyphens spent by the end kelmy or otrezovki.

template Manufacturing: and - a template, - template details: 1 - a profile wooden board, 2 - excuses, 3 - a steel profile, 4 - podkosy, 5 - a sled, 6 - polozok puts the Bottom rule in raspor between walls, it is good krepjat nails that it did not move during time vytjagivanija. The top rule krepjat so that could be inserted or taken out a template from both ends. Therefore its length should be not less lengths of a sled plus of 50 mm (fig. 66).

66. Naveshivanie rules: 1 - a template, 2 - the top rule, 3 - the bottom rule; 67. Fastening and installation of rules on a template: 1 - top otmazk, 2 - clips, 3 - the top rule, 4 - the bottom excuse, 5 - a plumb, 6 - the bottom rule; 68. Vytjagivanie eaves If the bottom rule fastens at once strongly, top - slightly. Then into rules insert a template and move it from one wall to another: it should pass freely. Separate places correct. Having achieved a template easy access by rules, the top rule also fix. On fig. 67 the template established by hung rules is shown. The top rule is better krepit not directly nails, and through a lath.

Vytjagivanie begin that insert a template into rules. If between a profile board and plaster there was big enough space, on a template course fill nails to keep a thick plaster coat. Plaster in a place of passage of a template on a wall and a ceiling protsarapyvajut the end otrezovki also moisten with water.

The Prepared solution put between rules. After everyone nabrasyvanija a solution on it necessarily stretch a template. One working moves a template "эр ёфшЁ" and the second is held under a template by the falcon and collects a solution cut off by it which there and then use for podmazki (fig. 68).

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