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Oshtukaturivanie (a part 3)

On a wall in length of 4-5 m between the nails hammered along the edges it is necessary to fill two more of some nails № 5, 6, 7 and 8. At first pull cords from a nail № 1 on a nail № 3, and from a nail № 2 - on a nail № 4. Under hardly tense cords also fill nails that their hats did not reach a cord on 0,5 mm.

To arrange beacons from a solution, to hats of the hammered nails, for example to № 1 and 2, it is necessary to put a rule, but to stand on them it is steady cannot. Therefore on nails smear an izvestkovo-plaster solution or the plaster dough to form small hills of a solution in diameter of 50-60 mm. They should be flush with top of hats, therefore surpluses of a solution cut off as it is possible more exactly. It is possible to leave them so or to cut off from all four parties, receiving a cube. So arrange marks. Having executed all marks, to them put a rule and fill with the prepared izvestkovo-plaster solution or the plaster test space between a wall and a rule. As soon as the solution or the plaster dough will seize, a lung postukivaniem a hammer by a rule it remove, and on its place there is a strip from a solution or the plaster, named a beacon. If on a surface of beacons there are bowls, they are corrected and well grind in poluterkom. (It is necessary to remember that quality of the plastered surface depends on accuracy of performance of beacons.) after the first beacon arrange the following. In one premise it is necessary to arrange at once all beacons. On ceilings them arrange in the same way.

Installation of wooden beacons (fig. 60 see). In the thickness of 25 mm plane a board from different directions and cut off a piece on 50-60 mm of less height of a wall. It is sawn on bruski in the length by 20-25 mm which establish strictly on a plumb at first in corners of a wall and krepjat nails. If they cave in, line wedges. Beacons should sit rigidly on a wall.

Leveling of a solution by a rule on beacons On extreme beacons above and below hardly is pulled by cords and on them establish intermediate beacons.

Technology oshtukaturivanija on beacons. After the device of beacons start to oshtukaturivaniju. If plaster all premise at first are engaged in a ceiling, and then walls, beginning work from above. Then podmosti assort and plaster the wall rest. A solution prepare usually, put its any tool and level a rule which move on beacons from below upwards (fig. 61).

A Solution which is cut off by a rule (that has been put above beacons), remove plaster kelmoj and there and then use - cover with it hollows. Having ended oshtukaturivanie, beacons from plaster cut down, and beacons from a solution notch, cover with a solution and well level. After that put nakryvku and carry out zatirku. On wooden beacons plaster as, only beacons after oshtukaturivanija delete, and places under them cover with a solution, put nakryvku and rub clean.

the General view of a wall with luzgami, usenkami, facets (and natirka luzga poluterkom ( Furnish luzgov and usenkov. the Line of an internal corner, obrazuemogo two walls, is called luzgom, a line of an external corner - usenkom (fig. 62). Luzgi rub poluterkom with length of a cloth 1-1,5 m. In process natirki it is necessary to cut off here and there a solution, and here and there to add. If plaster new luzg rub poluterkom from two parties; if new plaster adjoins to old rub only the new.

As acute angles (usenki) quickly break off, after natirki them slightly round off or chamfer, i.e. Dull in the form of a tape in width of 5-10 mm (fig. 62, 3 see). It or at once rub poluterkom, or at first cut off otrezovkoj or a knife, and then process poluterkom. At natirke sometimes it is necessary usenok or facet to moisten with water. The facet usually does not reach a ceiling on 200-500 mm.

For an ornament of premises instead of luzgov sometimes arrange padugi (galteli) or eaves.

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