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Preparation of first coats,
podmazochnyh pastes and shpatlevok (a part 2)

Often ask, and whether it is possible to ground structure without a chalk? It is possible, but to paint then it is necessary two-three times as to cover painting structure for once dark green first coat it is almost impossible. In the first first coat add 1 kg of a chalk, in the second - 2-2,5, in the third - 3-4 kg on 10 l of water. Thus the first colouring should be executed well stuck structure, the second - stuck more poorly (i.e. Containing the third is less than chalk), and - normally stuck.

The Chalk enter only sifted through a fine sieve. However the ready first coat nevertheless should be filtered through a sieve or a gauze that in it there were no not fused slices of soap or glue.

Drying oil add in first coats for giving of elasticity to a formed film. The increase in quantity of drying oil twice against specified in the recipe improves quality of a first coat. (However the further increase in quantity of drying oil is undesirable, as to it it will be bad to stick painting structure.) to pour in soap in kuporos without drying oil it is impossible, because soap in it is curtailed.

First coats of a different fortress receive for the increase or reduction account or a quantity of water against specified in the recipe, or quantities kuporosa, alum and a chalk. The first coat should be spent for term no more than 2 days Svezheprigotovlennaja a first coat the best.

First coats under oil colouring. For ogruntovki surfaces under oil colouring use drying oil in the pure state or with the additive of a small amount of pigments or a grated paint. The above quality of drying oil, the above quality ogruntovki and that is better linked to it a paint. Pigments or a paint add in drying oil that in an operating time to see the left admissions and in time them to correct. A pigment or a paint (is better ohru, minium, a mummy) take in quantity to 10% of weight of drying oil. That drying oil got into the wooden and plastered surfaces more deeply, it warm up, add pigments and olifjat for one-two time. The second layer put only on well dried up to the first.

Structure for proolifki (structure № 6): drying oil (it is better natural) - 1000 g, a pigment or a grated paint (ohra, minium, a mummy) - 50-100

Pigments or grated paints add in drying oil and carefully mix.

Carrying out the improved or high-quality colouring, surfaces at first ground, shpatljujut, then before colouring carefully olifjat. It is better to execute not proolifku, and ogruntovku a liquid paint of the same colour, as the basic structure.

Structure for ogruntovki (structure № 7): natural drying oil - 1000 g, gustotertaja an oil paint - 600-1200

Drying oil pour in in a paint, all carefully mix and filter through a fine sieve.

Podmazochnye of paste are applied for zadelki cracks, hollows and other small roughnesses on a surface. Pastes put shpatelem, level, after drying smooth out and start to ogruntovke.

Podmazochnye of paste under glutinous colouring. Gipsomelovaja paste on glue (structure № 8): plaster - 1 kg, a chalk - 2-3 kg, 2-5%-s' solution of glue - to working density.

Plaster and a chalk mix among themselves. In protiven pour a glue solution, at stirring pour out there a squirt gipsomelo-vuju a mix, and all carefully mix to a homogeneous condition. Density of paste is regulated by the additive of a mix or a glutinous solution.

Kuporosnaja paste (structure № 9): plaster - 1 kg, a chalk - 2 kg, emulsija - to working density.

For preparation emulsii take 1 l kuporosnoj first coats, add in it 150 g 10%-s' solutions of glue and all mix. Emulsiju pour in protiven, pour out there a squirt gipsovomelovuju a mix, carefully all mixing to a homogeneous condition.

Podmazochnye of paste under oil colouring. Oil-glutinous paste (structure № 10): drying oil - 1 kg, 10%-s' solution of joiner's glue 100 g, a chalk (to working density) - 2,5-3 kg.

In the prepared hot glutinous solution at careful hashing pour in a squirt drying oil. Received emulsiju pour in protiven, pour there a squirt a chalk, carefully all mixing. Density regulate the Additive of a chalk or emulsii.

Varnish paste (structure № 11): podmazochnyj a varnish - 1 kg, 10%-s' solution of joiner's glue - 100 g, a chalk (to working density) - 2,5-3 kg.

The Varnish mix with a solution of joiner's glue, receiving emulsiju. On this emulsii get mixed up a chalk with careful hashing to homogeneous testoobraznoj weights.

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