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Preparation of plaster solutions

All solutions consist from knitting, a filler and water which should be moved well to a total homogeneity. The solution can contain one or two knitting (for example, cement-limy solutions).

In fat solutions it is spent too much knitting, and drying up they burst. Lean - are economic concerning knitting, but are less strong and are inconvenient in work. Normal solutions are convenient in work, have necessary durability at compression and long service life. These are clay, limy, glinoizvestkovye solutions.

Fat content of a solution can be checked up an oar which it mix: if the oar only was soiled in a solution - it lean if the solution slightly sticks a thin layer to an oar - normal, strongly sticks - fat.

Solutions prepare from the sifted materials and very carefully mix to a total homogeneity. If after that the prepared mix also to sift, it will in addition mix up. A sieve it is better to apply with cells not more largely 3x3 mm.

Boxes for preparation of a solution and its maintenance during drawing do by height 150-250 mm, on legs in height of 400-500 mm. The sizes can be any. Bottom boards beat on length of a box.

the Limy solution prepare from the limy test (1 ch.) and sand (1-5 ch. Depending on fat content to exhaust). Materials carefully mix, waters add so much to receive a solution similar to the dense test. If on a 10-litre bucket of such solution to add one one-litre jar of cement durability of a solution raises to 0,8 MPa (8 kgs/sm 2 ).

the Clay solution prepare as well as limy. It is very fragile solution, however if on a solution bucket to add one one-litre jar of cement its durability considerably raises.

Glinoizvestkovyj prepare a solution from 1 ch. The clay test, 0,3-1 ch. The limy test and 3-6 ch. The sand which quantity depends on fat content of the knitting. This solution is stronger than the clay.

the Izvestkovo-plaster solution stronger, than limy. Plaster accelerates shvatyvanie a solution as itself izvest seizes slowly. The beginning shvatyvanija occurs through 6 mines, considering from the preparation moment. The solution hardens in 30 minutes

Prepare a solution in the small portions. At first in a box prepare a limy solution, then take away it, i.e. Choose on the one hand so that on this place it was possible to prepare one portion of an izvestkovo-plaster solution. Pour there an one-litre jar of plaster and pour water that the liquid plaster dough has turned out. It well mix and add 2-4 l of a limy solution. Carefully, to a total homogeneity, mix, regulating density water.

The Prepared portion of a solution should be made use for 6 mines, considering and time of its preparation. To mix more than 3 mines it is impossible, as the solution otmola-zhivaetsja and ceases to seize. The liquid solution seizes more slowly, but plaster turns out "Ё№§ыющ" with the lowered durability. The dense solution forms stronger plaster, but to work with it more difficultly. The glinogipsovyj solution prepares in the same way.

the Cement mortal prepare different structure: on 1 ch. Cement (on volume) take from 1 to 6 ch. Sand. The solution of structure most convenient in plaster works 1:2 or 1:3. Solutions of structure more 1:3 are labour-consuming in to work, as maloplastichny.

Prepare a cement mortal in the form of a dry mix by mixing of sand with cement, with the subsequent zatvoreniem water by which density of a solution is regulated. To make use of a solution follows not later than in an hour, beginning from the moment of preparation of a mix.

a cement-limy solution (difficult) prepare from cement, the limy test and sand.

The Solution is plastic, well sticks to a surface and it is easy to put it. Prepare a solution so. Cement mix with sand, receiving a dry mix. The limy dough plant with water to is swept away-shaped density (it is possible is a bit more liquid), then in it pour out a dry mix and mix, regulating density water.

Solutions for internal and external works. For oshtukaturivanija all surfaces in premises with normal humidity of air cement-limy structures are applied limy, glinoizvestkovye, izvestkovo-plaster, glinogipsovye. To external works (on brick, stone, concrete surfaces) apply limy, cement-limy, izvestkovo-plaster solutions. Wooden surfaces plaster izvestkovo-plaster, limy and is more rare cement-limy structures. A cement mortal plaster a base socle.