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Preparation of tiles

Sorting of tiles is necessary, as they can have some deviations (a deviation from a thickness and a right angle 0,5 mm are supposed). At first tiles sort by colour and tone for what them display on a table or a workbench a face sheet upwards and sort in piles. After that size, applying templates.

The Most simple template-krestovina consisting from two wooden bruskov: vertical and horizontal. They are fastened strictly at right angle. On vertical bruske risks through 1 mm are put. For tile sorting stack on horizontal brusok, and on the vertical define their size. Sorted tiles stack in piles. The template can be in the form of a board with the put divisions (fig. 123) and metal.

Templates for sorting of tiles: and - a template-krestovina, - a template of a design of Afonin It is sharp glazurovannyh tiles and them pritochka. At first with glazurovannoj the parties put risks on tiles a simple pencil or an aluminium pin (the ground core) on a square. Then take steklorez or pobeditovyj a cutter, to a tile put a square or a ruler on such distance from risks that a castor stekloreza or the cutter edge was necessary precisely on risk. A ruler or a square strongly press to a tile, put steklorez or a cutter and conduct it, strongly pressing, to itself (fig. 124).

The Made an incision tile break so: take it for edges, strike the bottom party (crock) on a line reza about an edge of a board, a table or a workbench, and the tile breaks up on spent risk (fig. 125). For otlamyvanija narrow strips apply flat-nose pliers, pincers or the capture which design is shown on fig. 126.

The Cut tiles have rough edges, therefore them pritachivajut on bruskah or circles. Pritachivajut krugoobraznymi movements before reception of a smooth edge. A tile conduct glazurovannoj the party forward in order to avoid glaze breaking off (fig. 127).

124. It is sharp tiles pobeditovym a cutter; 125. Tile splitting at its blow about board edge; 126. Capture; 127. Pritochka tile edges on korborundovom a circle For nastilki floors instead of are sharp tiles apply their recabin. On thick strong tiles at first spend risks, and then by the sharp end of a hammer do a notch. A tile put on a knee preliminary covered with dense thick felt. The notch should represent an equal line without admissions. On the ends depth of a notch in two-three times more than in the middle. Then a tile overturn an underside, strike blow by a hammer against the notched line and the tile breaks up. Edges pritachivajut how it has been considered above.

Wetting of tiles by water. the Back parties of tiles can be polluted that reduces them stsepljaemost with a solution, mastic or a paint. Therefore tiles clear a rigid brush or moisten with water by means of the same brush. For nastilki on mastic or a tile solution it is possible to apply the damp: they will not absorb water from a solution.

For a label on an oil paint of a tile it is necessary to dry well. It is necessary to mean that to facing of walls apply glazurovannye tiles on which surface (under glazurovkoj) there are water divorces, or auras. It is impossible to wet such tiles. They can be wiped only a damp rag or a brush.

Tiles for nastilki on floors can be wetted as much as necessary.