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wood Processing,
Infected with bugs

Next ways of processing Are known: introduction of a solution antiseptics in thickness of a design; superficial impregnation of wood by antiseptics by colouring or dispersion; obmazka wood antiseptic pastes.

At enough antiseptics for surfaces of wood of a female of bugs almost do not postpone on it some egg. If they also are postponed, the appeared larvae will be lost.

Prior to the beginning of repair of the designs of a wall amazed with bugs, floors, it is desirable to process partitions any antiseptic tank. Under a work place spread a film, an oilcloth or a fabric. The cut off wood collect, burn or dig in in the earth. The place infected with bugs antiseptirujut, dry and close up dry antiseptirovannoj wood.

Struggle against bugs and larvae in furniture. At first with the fused paraffin or wax cover from lateral aspect all apertures. Then furniture overturn legs upwards. In the middle of legs drill on one aperture in diameter from 3 mm and more on depth of 50-150 mm. Prepare a water solution antiseptics and fill with it the drilled aperture. In such kind furniture leave not less than for days. Then operation repeat.

To Pour in antiseptics it is possible a medical syringe, a butterdish for sewing-machines or sprintsovkoj. Is better sprintsovka or the big metal syringe.

Struggle against bugs and larvae in walls, beams, floors. First of all a thin steel wire with the small bent end clean the entrance apertures left larvae and littered with a wood flour. In these apertures under pressure pour in antiseptics and cover apertures with paraffin, wax or plasticine. It is possible to arrive and so. On hearing define, in what place there is a larva. Over this place pierce, punch or bore through an aperture depth of 20-50 mm and diameter 2-3 mm. Into an aperture it is entered antiseptics on possible a deep water. An aperture cover, and in a week or check more, whether there were there larvae. If remained, operation repeat. Instead of puttying by wax it is possible to use round wooden pegs, hammering in them into apertures and cutting off surpluses.

From lateral aspect instead of liquid antiseptics it is possible to apply paste, smearing with its layer not less than 1 mm. The smell from paste gets on running apertures to the larva location.

Superficial impregnation of wood. She is recommended to be spent in the beginning of spring, repeating two-three times in 2-3 weeks. If on a wood surface there are apertures, they are desirable for clearing away at first that antiseptics is better got into them.

Processing carry out a brush or any spray if antiseptics does not destroy metal parts. Processing should be conducted not less than two times with a break 2-4 ch.

At work indoors products should be taken out. After processing the finding of people or animals is indoors inadmissible. Windows, window leaves and doors should be closed. A premise in such kind is better to sustain within a week. Then all open, dust clean and burn. Floors necessarily wash.

Such processing should be carried out within 4-5 years. In an operating time it is necessary to observe safety precautions and sanitary requirements strictly. After work it is necessary to be washed up. It is necessary to work in strong overalls, goggles and in a respirator. Hands should be protected rubber gloves, and feet rubber boots.