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wood Processing,
Infected with house mushrooms

In view of survivability of mushroom organisms the complex of actions on protivognilostnomu to repair should be executed especially carefully, in strictly certain sequence. Everything, even slightly amazed sites of wood should be removed. After that designs well dry, antiseptirujut and once again dry (in crude wood of antiseptics are not absorbed).

Antiseptirovanie is better to carry out for three times at constant or regular airing of a premise. As it has been told, many solutions of antiseptic tanks cause corrosion of metals, therefore metal elements it is recommended to paint prior to the beginning of processing by oil paints two-three times.

Not to carry disputes of mushrooms, at removal of the amazed wood under a work place it is recommended to lay a polyethylene film, an oilcloth or a dense fabric. If processing is conducted in wall top also the wall, below a processed place, should be closed something that on it disputes of mushrooms have not got.

After processing (a chip, sawdust, a shaving) it is necessary to collect all cut down wood in metal capacity and to burn or dig in the earth on depth not less than 70 the Place under the cut down wood antiseptirujut see, dry and only after that insert there antiseptirovannuju and the dried up preparation.

The Repaired place should be protected reliably from humidifying and to create possibility for constant aeration. Dry antiseptics, and also antiseptics on the basis of kerosene or turpentine or their mixes do not dry.

On horizontal surfaces of various designs it is possible to apply dry antiseptics, filling their layers of the necessary thickness and taking measures that they were not poured.