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Repair of deal floors

From long operation of floors and wrong care of a board of them partially wear out, especially in places of intensive circulation. Besides, between boards the big cracks are formed, sometimes boards begin "§юфш=і" - to cave in etc. Such floors demand repair - perestilki.

The Most simple way perestilki consists in that a board to change in places, i.e. Worn out to put to walls where there is a furniture, and from walls - in places of intensive circulation. For this purpose boards tear off and clear away edges. It is desirable also them postrogat and otfugovat. Boards put edges, discrepancies correct, achieving a dense adjunction of edges of boards among themselves. Boards mark and start to lay again how it has been described at nastilke new floors, without forgetting to leave a backlash between a floor and walls.

Happens that boards cave in. Seldom laid beams or logs at too thin boards can be the reason. In this case between beams or logs it is necessary to strengthen "яюфьюуш" in the form of dry boards in the thickness not less than 40 mm. Krepit them follows very strongly and strictly flush with beams or logs.

If insufficiently dry new boards nastlannye floors crack are added: between boards the big cracks are formed. Such floors should be re-made, densely rallying boards. As well as at nastilke new floors, boards should be nailed up temporarily, and after a minimum of year to tear off and lay again.

During a winter cold season of a board of a floor well dry out, therefore perestilku it is better to conduct by the cold season end as for summer of a board of a floor will incorporate enough moisture. Re-making floors, it is necessary to examine well beams and logs. In need of them level.

If the most part of boards is worn strongly out, but perestilku it is necessary to conduct so. The back parties of boards plane, and they become obverse. Edges fugujut. Boards put among themselves, checking density prileganija edges. The prepared and marked boards start to lay again. As them stack the worn out party downwards, under them it is necessary to enclose roofing material, a dense cardboard, wedges which it is necessary krepit nails.

Purer boards, i.e. Without knots, having chopped off and other defects, lay in rooms, and with defects - in corridors, dark and dark premises.

Quite often at repair of floors of a board do not rally, i.e. Do not re-make, and insert into cracks between them rejki. It is necessary to avoid such repair: thin rejki drop out, becoming wet, are lifted up, and drying up, burst.

At perestilke the old, worn out boards sometimes it is necessary to apply thicker boards. In this case they should be cut down against beams or a log that after packing they were at one level with old. If use more thin boards under them enclose a cardboard, roofing felt, roofing material (but not chips!).

Sometimes cracks between boards cover with various structures, somehow: a cement mortal with glue, semioil or oil shpatlevkoj, putty. Such repair is short-lived: through a small time interval putty starts to collapse, especially if boards at least cave in a little.

Having ended repair, floors can be painted, but it is obligatory the paints intended for floors. Behind the painted floors smaller leaving is required.