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Repair of coverings and care of them

Repair of coverings from linoleum and polyvinylchloride tiles. If re-make old linoleum it cautiously remove from a floor, clear the back party of mastic, a dust and a dirt and curtail into rolls with initial diameter not less than 25 sm as at smaller diameter the linoleum which has lost elasticity while in service, it is possible to break.

Strongly pasted linoleum remove by means of steel shpatelja, advancing it between linoleum and the basis. If shpatelem to remove linoleum it is impossible, places priklejki moisten with hot water and then linoleum easily comes unstuck. To nastilki linoleum the moistened surfaces of the basis should be dried well.

Sometimes it is necessary to use for nastilki panels of linoleum of a different thickness: in this case at first lay thicker panels, and then more thin, enclosing and gluing under them a dense cardboard or a dense paper to level the basis.

If linoleum was wiped by places, on it put patches. Cut out a patch of the square or diamond-shaped form of such size that it with a stock blocked the damaged site. Having laid a patch on a repaired place, lead round round it a sharp subject - shilom, sharply perfected firm simple pencil etc. On the outlined line cut out the worn out linoleum. The patch should enter into the cut out aperture densely. If linoleum with drawing it is desirable so to cut out a patch that drawing on it has coincided with panel drawing. The basis well clear of a dirt and a dust, a patch and the basis grease with mastic, put into place, smooth and prigruzhajut, leaving for some days.

It is possible to put the Patch and differently. The worn out linoleum cut out in the form of a square, a rectangle or a rhombus. Lift panel edges a little, enclose under them the prepared piece of linoleum in the size more than the cut out place. On a ruler prirezajut edges, trying to cut at one time at once a patch and repaired linoleum.

Clear and obespylivajut the basis; grease it, the back party of a patch and the turned on edges of old linoleum with mastic; put a patch into place, well smooth and prigruzhajut heavy cargo. If in process priglazhivanija mastic is squeezed out, it immediately clean, wipe the soiled places solvent, stack a paper, a board or plywood and prigruzhajut. Krepit a patch nails do not recommend, as it will be very appreciable.

Small damages and dents on linoleum and polyvinylchloride tiles close up shpatlevkoj. However it is better to prepare for this purpose special mastic on one of following recipes:

  1. rosin (20 ch.) dissolve in 5 ch. Spirit, add 4 ch. kastorovogo oils, a dry ink - a pigment (on colour). All carefully mix;

  2. rosin (1ч.) dissolve in 4 ch. The thickened turpentine, add on colour a dry ink and all carefully mix. The put mastic well smooth down, and after drying if it is required, smooth out a skin.

Preparing these structures, rosin it is necessary istoloch as it is possible more small that it was fast dissolved. To cover the damaged places it is necessary accurately to do without zachistki as a skin it is possible to remove luster from linoleum and as a result there will be a matte stain.

At repair of a covering from tiles the damaged tile remove and replace new.

Care of floors. to Wash floors it is necessary warm water, adding in it at strong pollution of a few detergent powder. It is not necessary to add soda, as linoleum from it loses shine and colour. The dirty stains which have remained on linoleum and after washing, delete turpentine or a damp powder of a chalk. Matte stains on linoleum disappear after natirki its mastic.

Before natirkoj mastic the floor should be washed up and well to dry. After that by means of a rag or a brush a thin layer put mastic and well it pound. (The thick layer of mastic is difficult for pounding and on it the dust will accumulate.) the put mastic give the chance to dry out well, and then rub with a rag, a brush or a floor polisher to shine.

Usually apply mastics of industrial manufacturing: white, reddish, yellowish and brown which choose under colour of a floor. But it is possible to prepare mastic and in house conditions.

Prepare mastic as follows. Into capacity load rosin, plavjat it on weak fire, then add tserezin or wax and all carefully mix. The fused weight remove from fire and after it will a little cool down, into it enter drying oil (turpentine or gasoline) and a fat-soluble paint. A mix carefully mix before reception of homogeneous structure. (Metal or glass) mastic can be stored in densely closed ware long time.

In summary it would be desirable to remind some the simple rules which non-observance, however, can spoil all work.

Linoleum and polyvinylchloride tiles need to be got some months prior to nastilki. As it has been told earlier, linoleum store in vertical position, and polyvinylchloride tiles pile on the equal basis. Being in a warm premise, these materials are stabilised in sizes, i.e. Occurs them usadka. At unrestrained materials after nastilki as a result usadki wide cracks between panels of linoleum or between tiles are formed that, of course, it is undesirable.

It is necessary to adhere to recommendations about preparation of the bases precisely. How it is important, says that fact that linoleum serves in cars of underground as years though pass on it of hundred thousand persons while in apartment houses linoleum is blown up, comes unstuck etc.

Here every possible mastics for gluing of linoleum and tiles have been considered. Getting mastic, it is necessary to check up, it is intended for what kind of linoleum or tiles. Application of the mastics which are not corresponding to the appointment, conducts to marriage.

On each packing of linoleum, tiles and mastics there is an instruction to which needs to adhere strictly at work performance. Following at nastilke linoleum and tiles not to recommendations of instructions, and councils "чэр¦Ёш§" people often leads to unpredictable consequences.