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Repair of doors and covers

Repair of doors. Happens that doors start to open and be closed hardly. Especially it is appreciable in crude weather: wood incorporates a lot of moisture, inflates, increasing in size. (In dry weather and during winter time the door works normally.) if in this case in crude weather to execute pristrozhku in dry weather between a door and a box quarter the big crack is formed. As a result the door will densely not be closed, and through this crack in a cold season a premise will leave warmly.

Therefore, if the door began to open hardly, at first it is necessary to examine loops and to check up, whether all screws densely privernuty to loops. If they oslabli - them turn. If screws and after that do not hold a door, means them it is necessary to replace with longer. It is desirable, that the thickness of screws and the size of a head were the same. Otherwise, at thicker screws, it is necessary rassverlivat apertures in loops.

6. An insert of new wood in a box under loops; 7. Statement provolchnogo a ringlet between loop cards; 8. Repair of a door box in installation sites of locks; 9. Panel repair vsatvkoj: 1 - an insert; 10. Repair obvjaza on glue and nageljah: 1 - the repaired places; 11. Repair bruskov obvjaza; 12. The fastening bruskov obvjaza a square Is also other ways (fig. 5,6). If between a box (provided that it thin) is available a backlash or it is easy for executing against loops there insert a piece of a board of the necessary thickness, but 25 mm are not more thin. (The board should be from wood of firm breed - birches, a maple, an oak, a beech, a hornbeam.) then loops fix longer screws which completely would enter into a piece of a board and strongly held loops.

When it is impossible to make it, and a box thick enough, it is possible against loops, from a box lateral face (i.e. From a quarter) to cut out in shape lastochkina a tail a site of wood in the thickness of 30-40 mm and length 200-250 mm. Into the cut out part of a box to insert a piece of wood of firm breed and to fix its screws (fig. 6 see). Then in the put pieces to cut out nests under loops and to fix them. It is possible to arrive and so: to turn out two-three extreme screws; from a lateral face, having receded from a box edge for length of a smooth part of a screw, to drill apertures in diameter of 15-20 mm and depth, in one and a half time of a quarter exceeding width (fig. 6 see). Into these apertures drive in doubles - round nageli from wood of firm breeds. Then a loop put into place, applying the same screws if at them the carving has not become blunted.

Except the considered ways there is a number of others, somehow: into apertures under screws insert wooden wedges and in them wrap screws. However thus screws are wrapped along wood fibres so, keep not strongly. It is possible to arrive and so: to mix sawdust with epoksidnoj pitch and to fill with them the cleared away aperture. Then to put loops, to fix them there and then screws and to leave for days, without hanging a door. There are recommendations to fill an aperture metal sawdust and to screw there screws, but it not always yields good result. Better and such sawdust to mix with epoksidnoj pitch.

If the door has settled and strongly rubs on the bottom quarter of a box that sometimes happens from excessive istiranija loops, podstrozhku it is not necessary to carry out doors. It is necessary to lift a door by means of wedges so that it has been densely pressed to box top. Then from a copper, brass or steel wire in the thickness of 2-3 mm produce hooks. The form of hooks - a semicircle of such diameter that they were freely put on cores (fig. 7). This hook pass between a core and a card, then press the short end to a core then the long end twist to the bent part, cut off surpluses and cover all with greasing. The same do on the second loop. Then wedges take out also a door falls into place. As we see, it becomes without door removal. It is possible to bend at first rings or to make them vytachivaniem, but then to put on them it will be possible only having removed a door. Thanks to the put greasing the door begins to be closed easily and silently.

At frequent change of locks door bruski in insert places strongly wear out. They are necessary for strengthening an insert in shape lastochkina a tail from a seasoned wood. The insert can be any length. Under the insert form cut out wood in bruske doors, insert there an insert, at first dry, and then on glue with additional fastening wooden nageljami or screws. Except lastochkina a tail, it is possible to make an insert on direct thorns (fig. 8).

At destruction of the bottom part of a door cloth a door remove, completely delete brusok, produce precisely same and put it into place dry or better on glue, having fixed in junctions nageljami. If the door below has a plinth (a wide board) put also it as it protects a door from fast destruction.

Panels are exposed to repair if they have cracked and in them cracks through which leaves warmly a premise were formed. If width of a crack no more than 2 mm it is possible to cover it oil shpatlevkoj, preliminary having cleared it of a dust and a dirt and proolifiv. A crack more widely specified, it is better to close up an insert of their seasoned wood.

If the panel is fixed by apportions them remove from different directions, take out a panel, clear of a dust and a dirt, produce an insert of their seasoned wood of the necessary form and a thickness and stick together it with a panel. After glue drying carry out zastrozhku and put a panel into place.

If the panel is inserted into grooves in bruskah obvjaza to assort a door does not follow. In this case it is necessary to make a compound insert of two parts which insert serially, and it is obligatory to stick together junctions of an insert with a panel (fig. 9). After glue drying make zachistku. I remind that the panel is never put in grooves vraspor: between a panel and grooves there should be a backlash on length and width not less than 4-5 mm.

Obvjaz of a door consists from thick and concerning wide bruskov. However and they are subject to deterioration and demand repair. Separate parts obvjaza repair by installation new bruskov. With old they incorporate a direct thorn. More often eyes for thorns carry out in old bruskah obvjaza. Put bruski on glue, dry, fasten nageljami and make zastrozhku (fig. 10).

If bruski obvjaza at pritvora are strongly destroyed, the worn out part cut, produce an insert of the necessary sizes and the form and connect it with vertical bruskom a direct unary thorn, and with horizontal - a double direct thorn (fig. 11). For durability of a place of connections fasten nageljami.

Happens and so: loops vrezany in one plane and a quarter, screws are drowned in razzenkovannye apertures, but the door all the same springs. It can be because that the door very densely adjoins a quarter of a box and rests against it.

Chetver in that case podstragivajut with one or from two parties, applying necessary planes and dobornyj the tool (fig. 14 see). Without dobornogo the tool separate places should be cut off by means of a chisel. The chisel should be wide and, of course, sharp. Remove wood from outside loops. A thickness of removed wood of 1,5-2 mm.

Happens that from outside vrezannogo in thickness bruska a latch at dvuhpolnyh doors or doors "ё ёѕ§рЁхь" (one field, and narrow) occurs otshchep wood. Such wood cut off, produce an insert, put it at first dry, and then, after primerki, on waterproof glue with additional fastening by its nails or nageljami. Hats of nails than 3-5 mm are recommended utaplivat in thickness of wood on depth not less.

Filenchatye of a door often become unstuck and warp. In this case they are necessary for removing from loops, to beat out nageli, to disassemble, clear angular connections of a dust and a dirt, to prepare vajmy for compression of a door after namazyvanija glue. With glue smear angular connections, connect bruski obvjaza among themselves, insert panels if for them grooves are chosen, compress in vajmah, put nageli on glue, dry and after that put into place.

If between thorns and eyes there are considerable thinnesses into them insert thin strong stroganyj an interline interval (necessarily on glue). The acted drops gluing after drying cut off a chisel.

More simple repair of such doors consists in that in angular connections to put from one or two parties steel squares, it is desirable the big size, fixing their screws which length should be less thickness bruskov obvjaza on 5-7 mm (fig. 12). The put squares or all door paint an oil paint.

lock Installation. Locks happen vreznye and waybills. It is easier to put unprofitable the lock. A dead lock krepjat in vertical bruske doors at height of 90-110 sm from a floor. A nest under a lock box cut down a chisel or a chisel. It is possible to drill at first apertures on box height, and then to choose wood a chisel or a chisel. The forward lath of the lock should be zapodlitso with an edge or a plane bruska doors. Having inserted the lock into a nest, round a lath lead round sharply perfected pencil or shilom, leaving risks on which cut out wood for a thickness of a lath. The lock again insert into a nest and check density prileganija laths. Then the lock take out, measure distance from kljucheviny to a lath, and also from the bottom party of a nest to top kljucheviny and transfer these sizes on a door. An aperture for kljucheviny hollow out or at first bore through, and then hollow out. This aperture should be strictly against kljucheviny the lock that the key was inserted into it freely. After that the lock privertyvajut screws also check work of the lock as a key.

It is More difficult to kill zapornuju a lath. Even skilled joiners spend a lot of time for this operation. Therefore it is necessary to arrive so. Against a lock bolt cut down a nest depth of 5 mm, in the size there is more than bolt. A nest cover zapodlitso and a quarter of soft clay, plasticine and turn a key. Then a door densely cover and turn a key. The bolt is put forward and leaves a print on the covered place. A door open, zapornuju a lath put an aperture for a bolt to the left label so that it was combined only on the top line (the aperture in a lath on height becomes a bit more: this "чрярё" it is below necessary on a case possible door deposits). Lath densely press, leading round round it a pencil, leaving risk on which choose wood under a lath as a whole with nests under a bolt and a roller (if it is available in the lock). Lath krepjat screws also check lock work.

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