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Repair of doors and covers

Repair of covers. the Most widespread defect podokonnoj boards - cracks, more often they arise at a compound board, but happen and at integral. A compound board repair so. Clear away a crack from a dust and a dirt, prooliflivajut and dry. If the split parts give in to compression them it is necessary to move apart, fill a little at first a crack gustotertoj with an oil paint, densely to compress parts of a window sill and to fix them. The squeezed out paint should be removed. After drying paint all window sill. Instead of an oil paint it is possible to use waterproof glues.

If the crack from shrinkage was formed in an integral board, it clear away, trying to make as it is possible more exactly: cut on a ruler on all depth. Produce an insert of the necessary thickness, insert it into a crack on glue, dry, smooth out, olifjat and paint.

If cracks small and not through it is possible to cover them oil shpatlevkoj, preliminary them having cleared away and proolifiv. After drying shpatlevki it is smoothed out also by all paint an oil paint.

Cracks between podokonnoj a board and vertical bruskami boxes are rather undesirable: through them the moisture gets, walls become wet, wooden thus rot and fungus formation is possible. Therefore it is necessary to cover such cracks oil shpatlevkoj or putty. At first cracks clear of a dirt and a dust, then them dry, olifjat, dry proolifku, cover shpatlevkoj or putty, level it, again dry also all paint for two times an oil paint.

At repair otlivov and bottom bruskov shutter shutters remove from loops, take out glasses, having cleared away preliminary putty and having removed hairpins. After that saw off the ends vertical or horizontal bruskov to good wood. Knowing the sizes cut out bruskov, on them produce new and krepjat them on direct thorns, unary or double. Eyes do in old bruskah covers or shutters. Details among themselves fasten waterproof glues. If glue is not present - apply an oil paint.

13. The device and installation of new outflow: 1 - brusok, 2 - outflow, 3 - the established outflow If otlivy are destroyed, them replace new if they good, again put them into place. Correctly to establish outflow, it is necessary in bottom bruske obvjaza (to vertical bruskov) to make a groove depth from 3 to 5 mm and the width equal to a thickness of outflow (fig. 13). Krepjat otlivy on waterproof glues, epoksidnoj to pitch or an oil paint with application of screws (it is possible krepit and nails, but they hold less strongly). Established otlivy paint for two times an oil paint.

If covers have warped that happens at sticking angular is viscous, they can be fastened by installation of steel squares (it is desirable the big sizes) from two parties of cover.

If between shutters of covers in places pritvora there are big cracks one shutter remove from loops, unscrew from it cards of loops and sostragivajut old wood. Then try on a shutter, i.e., having pressed it to pritvoru the second shutter, define width of a backlash between a box and the removed shutter. Then produce rejku a necessary thickness, width and and paste it lengths to a shutter. Again try on, correct (if it is necessary), cut half of loop and establish a shutter into place.

New bruski obvjaza do only when the old have become unfit for use and cannot be reused. For this purpose produce new brusok precisely same form and section. In proper places bruska carry out nests, thorns, eyes and put on it on remained bruski and gorbylki cover. At first do primerku dry, and after corrections (adjustment) establish on glue. In angular connections put also wooden nageli.

Happens that in bad condition there are some covers. Then is better to remove all covers, to expose from them glasses, to disassemble them and from good details again to collect some covers, and missing to make anew.

14. The dobornyj tool: and - a plane (1 - a knife; 2 - a groove in a knife; 3 - the fixing screw; 4 - a nut), - zenzubel (1 - a knife; 2 - a wedge) Repair of boxes carry out as follows. The destroyed places delete - cut or cut down. Inserts produce from a dry material, try on them dry, and after correction establish on glue with wooden nageljami, screws or nails. Between an insert and a box of cracks should not be.

Happens that boxes should be taken out from a window aperture for repair, and then again to put into place. Vertical bruski it is recommended to put on bottom horizontal not dry, and on putty that provides necessary density and tightness of connections.

Any repair carry out only at dry doors, boxes, window sills, covers. At repair work apply the same tool, as at performance of new products. However here it is very useful also dobornyj the tool (fig. 14). It is arranged so that its knifes act from kolodki, allowing to do pristrozhku in corners of connections. They are offered by the master-innovator And. M.Livanov. Such tool is easy for making. Kolodki the tool the wooden.

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