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Repair of furnaces

Correct and durable work of furnaces depends on how they have been executed as them look after and as them maintain.

Operating repair. Putty of cracks, cracks, replacement dverok, grid-iron lattices, the latches, separate bricks or strengthening of tiles - all these kinds of works should be carried out immediately as they can cause larger malfunctions leading to a fire or accidents.

Strengthening and replacement top internal dverki. For strengthening dverki first of all from an oven laying take out a framework with dverkoj. If framework pads have become unfit for use, them replace new. To new dverke also it is necessary to put pads. A laying in installation sites dverok clear away, moisten with water, a framework establish into place so that pads have got to laying seams. Seams completely fill with a solution. The become unfit for use bricks replace new. Between a laying and a framework leave a crack in the thickness of 5-10 mm and close up its then asbestine cord. If the cord is not present, a laying carry out closely to a framework. Strongly fixed framework will not be loosened and drop out. Statement dverki without pads on a wire is unreliable. After framework strengthening all available cracks cover with a clay solution, then it shvabrujut or rub clean.

Replacement of a grid-iron lattice. the Become unfit for use grid-iron lattice delete, clear of ashes a vacant place and put on it a new lattice. On all perimetre of a lattice leave a backlash not less than 5 mm which fall asleep ashes or sand.

Zadelka of cracks. Cracks in laying seams clear away of 20 30 mm on depth, delete all solution and moisten with water. Then completely fill the cleared away seams with a clay solution, rubbing clean or shvabruja it.

Replacement of the burst bricks. the Burst bricks take out, clear a place taken by them of a solution, select a new brick and try on it. The cleared away place and an inserted brick plentifully moisten with water, smear a brick with a clay solution and insert into place. If seams appear in places not absolutely filled them in addition coat with a solution, carefully pressing it into seams with the subsequent zatirkoj or shvabrovkoj.

Replacement of separate tiles and their repair. Cracks in tiles can be closed up the plaster solution shut on aljumokalievyh alum, it is possible to apply a chalk, preparing it on crude egg white. Strongly cracked tiles replace new. For this purpose first of all a tile select for colour and the size. If it is necessary - pritachivajut on nazhdachnom bruske.

The Replaced tile cautiously take out and clear away a place taken by it. Then adjust a new tile under old, fill its stage (special deepening) with a dense clay solution with brick rubble and insert into place. Durability of such insert much less as the tile is not fixed in a laying by a wire. Clearing of tile facing carry out so: at first a damp rag wipe all surfaces, then prepare the pure plaster dough smetanoobraznoj density and a hand put its thin layer. As soon as plaster will start to seize slightly, it wipe a dry rag so that does not remain traces. Together with it the dirt leaves. Remained in cracks after drying plaster becomes white.

Replacement predtopochnyh sheets. From time for steel sheets there are the fragmentary places complicating cleaning. Getting on them, hot coals can cause floor fire. The destroyed sheets became tear off, nails take out, close a floor sheet asbestos or the felt soaked in a clay solution and new sheet of a roofing steel, beating it along the edges.

Small repair of walls toplivnika or futerovki. Work is carried out through top internal dverku. The small destroyed places clear away and cover with a clay solution, refractory clay or fire-resistant concrete. The destroyed one-two brick futerovki delete, clear away under them a place and on the same solution on what the laying was conducted, insert missing bricks.

Average repair. more considerable damages of the furnace concern it, namely: blockages in dymooborotah, pipe damage, replacement of walls futerovki, repair of walls toplivnika, etc.

Blockages in dymooborotah occur from long work of furnaces or bad bandaging of seams in the course of a laying, from application in walls of flues of a substandard brick which collapses at long operation of furnaces. To define a blockage it is possible, passing a wire through prochistnye apertures, sometimes heating up the furnace. A blockage delete through toplivnik or prochistnye apertures. If it it is impossible to make, a wall laying assort with the subsequent restoration of internal partitions and the disassembled wall of the furnace.

Perestilka poda, the arches and a furnace reroof. From long re-moving on podu various ware its surface wears out. To repair under with statement of separate bricks - work fast and malotrudoemkaja. At full perestilke at first select and sort a brick, then remove bricks poda, level the basis (sand), giving it the necessary lifting to a back wall of the chamber. Nastilka a brick for new poda begins from shestka with gradual transition to a back wall. Work is conducted through a mouth. After nastilki under grind a brick with sand, levelling separately acting roughnesses. Cracks between bricks fall asleep ashes or small sand. The brick of the arches and a reroof from heating bursts and collapses. At repair their laying of the furnace it is necessary to assort, delete the become unfit for use brick and again to spread the arch or a reroof precisely such with what they were before repair.

Ogolovki of chimneys. Executed from a brick oglovki from influence on them of an atmospheric precipitation in due course collapse and become unfit for use that is unsafe in the fire relation. For repair select well burnt brick, the destroyed part of a pipe assort, from the remained laying delete a clay solution. Then all well moisten with water. A laying conduct with careful bandaging of seams on the cement or mixed solution. The top extremity of a pipe level a cement mortal, giving to it skos to lateral aspects. It not only facilitates movement of smoke gases, but also protects a pipe from namokanija. Instead of a cement mortal it is possible to cover a pipe with a roofing steel or a case executed from thicker sheet steel.

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