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Repair of parquet floors

Parquet floors from long operation wear out and demand corresponding repair. Separate parquet laths on the wooden bases replace as follows:

  1. Old laths if they unsteadily keep, take out. If laths stand strongly them cut down, i.e. Chop off crests from the longitudinal and face parties. Plancks take out, a place under them clear away, prepare precisely same on the size new, cut down crests, insert into place and nail up from a face sheet. That hats of nails were less appreciable, them flatten and direct along wood, utaplivaja to its thickness on 2-3 mm.

  2. the Worn out laths take out, the basis is cleared of a paper, by a dirt, a dust, and new laths paste on joiner's, kazeinovom or synthetic glue or on epoksidnoj to pitch (the basis should be thus cleared of glue if earlier parquet laths were pasted). In one-two days carry out pristrozhku laths.

    If the basis negvozdimoe, laths paste the same mastic on which it was conducted nastilka. However more often because of impossibility to get the necessary mastic it is necessary to apply the bitumen.

    If under the lagged behind lath there was a lot of mastic, it can be fused any nagretym a metal subject. On razogretuju mastic put a lath and prigruzhajut heavy cargo. When it is not enough mastic, the basis clear away, cover with its prepared mastic, put a lath into place and prigruzhajut.

    If one lath has dropped out, and nearby laths keep strongly it can be beaten to them thin nails with otkusannymi hats. Nails drive in at an angle and utaplivajut into thickness of wood. It is almost impossible to hammer in nails into the dried up wood of an oak, a beech, a hornbeam. Therefore it is recommended to drill at first an aperture in a lath on diameter of an applied nail. It provides its lung zabivanie.

  3. Into the concrete basis in nails you will not hammer, therefore arrive variously. If between laths there is a crack in width of 1 mm it is possible to clean all dirt by means of a steel strip, a dust and old mastic from both longitudinal edges and by that to bare fresh wood. In the prepared crack at first with one, then on the other hand enter any waterproof glue or epoksidnuju pitch. Having filled a crack, maintain the necessary time, and then zastragivajut an acting lath.

    If there is no necessary glue arrive so. Bore through an aperture depth of 50-60 mm (together with a lath), diameter 4-5 mm. A dust from an aperture delete a vacuum cleaner. From the same wood, as a lath, produce wooden round nagel which length on 10 mm is more than depth of the drilled aperture, and diameter on 1-2 mm is more than diameter of an aperture. Nagel hammer dry or grease gustotertoj with an oil paint only its end in length of 15-20 mm.

    At a label of laths hot mastics the last put on the basis in such quantity that after mastic levelling its layer did not exceed 1-1,5 mm, provided that the basis very equal. Mastic should not be squeezed out from seams. Remove mastic a chisel or tsiklej, but not gasoline or kerosene: in them it is dissolved, absorbed by wood and leaves on laths black neudalimye strips and stains.

The Crack between laths can fill with various putties also. Materials take in parts on weight.

Putty on water-soluble (liquid) glass. Take 20 ch. Liquid glass, 20 ch. Small dry wood sawdust, 20 ch. The dry sifted chalk. For podkraski add a dry ink of the necessary colour or a mix of two-three paints (no more than 5% of weight of a chalk and sawdust). At first carefully mix among themselves a chalk, sawdust and a paint. Dense liquid glass preliminary plant with water. Prepare putty in the small portions and at once apply in business. Seams preliminary well clear of a dust and a dirt. Putty quickly seizes and strongly sticks together with a parquet lath. It vtaplivajut in a crack on all their depth wooden shpatelem. After shvatyvanija it is possible to smooth out putty a skin or to cut off a chisel its surpluses.

Correctly prepared and tinted putty often does not differ almost from a parquet, especially after it natirki.

Putty on portlandtsemente. Give 5 ch. portlandtsementa, 5 ch. The small sawdust sifted through a sieve, 14 ch. Waters and 2 ch. Joiner's glue. Glue cook in the specified quantity of water, add in it cement and sawdust and well mix. If necessary add a dry building paint. Putty is better for applying in warmed up to 40... 50°С a condition.

Putty on epoksidnom glue is very strong. At first prepare a mix from the sifted sawdust and portlandtsementa which take in equal parts. A dry building paint add in a small amount. The dry mix prepared from these materials shut on prepared epoksidnom glue. Portions small. Having filled seams completely with putty, them there and then compare and smooth down. The dried up putty is processed with great difficulty.