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plaster Repair

From deposits of the house, misuse and other reasons in due course on a plaster surface there are cracks. From repeated colouring by glutinous paints on plaster the thick paint layer which also starts to burst and be showered is formed. All it demands plaster repair.

If plaster falls off, blown up by places, it means that it has departed from a surface. In such places old plaster beat off, prepare surfaces, prepare a solution and plaster anew, well rubbing clean and grinding in new plaster to the old.

The Thick paint coat clean off a scraper or steel shpatelem. Work is conducted on a dry surface if the paint poorly keeps and easily cleaned off, or on wet if it keeps strongly. For this purpose a surface repeatedly moisten with hot water by means of a brush. After razmokanija a paint clean off.

As though well clearing has been spent, nevertheless in places can remain bugorki, and it reduces quality of work. Therefore the surface after clearing is necessary for grinding.

Peretirka is carried out so. Plaster moisten with the water, separate dabs put thin layers of a solution (1-3 mm) same structure by what plaster is executed. Put dabs pound a grater without admissions. Thus the fresh portion of a solution pounds the remained traces of an old paint, creating a thin layer of new plaster. It is not necessary peretirku to carry out one izvestju, one cement or plaster: quality of works will be low.

Cracks on old plaster cut (expand), moisten with water, cover with a solution, well rub clean. After drying of the repaired plaster it paint (see gl. " Painting Ёрсю=№").

Colouring of walls, floors, ceilings various paints is called as painting works. Quality of colouring depends on knowledge of working methods and properties of materials. It is necessary to prepare correctly structures for podmazki, shpatlevki, ogruntovki, colourings. Observance of rules of conducting works allows to receive strong colouring which will serve long time.