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Repair of roofs from rolled materials

Service life of such roofs depends on many reasons: from the basis, from applied materials of a covering, technology and a mastic kind, and also from regular care of a roof.

The Basis under a rolled carpet can be cement, asfaltobetonnym or wooden. Cement and asfaltobetonnye the bases happen monolithic and modular. Between modular plates it is necessary to cover seams well. The basis under a rolled carpet should not be unsteady at circulation on it. Such roof can consist of one layer pergamina and three layers of roofing material on bitumen mastic. The top layer of a carpet - roofing material with coarse-grained posypkoj.

Operating repair of this kind of roofs basically consists in replacement of defective places, zadelke every possible holes in the basis. Rolled materials are produced by the industry for the bottom and top layers of a roofing carpet. During repair it is necessary to apply materials strictly to destination: their wrong use leads to fast destruction of a carpet.

At manufacturing of roofing felt and roofing material them strew from two parties various posypkami which not only give durability to a material, but also interfere with its pasting in a storage time and transportations. These posypki, however, interfere with strong pasting of surfaces, therefore they are necessary for deleting from that party which will be pasted and smeared with mastic.

For easier removal posypki rolled materials grease with various oils: roofing material - soljarovym or green oil, roofing felt - antratsenovym or green. Greasing put rags, brushes or brushes. Thus not only easily leaves posypka, but also the coarsened rolled materials become more elastic and stronger are pasted.

Delete posypku a steel soft brush, metal or wooden shpatelem. And the material needs to be put on the equal basis not to tear it during clearing. posypku it is necessary to delete and from above an old covering on the area of such size, what size the patch will keep within. The patch should block the damaged place from different directions on 10 see If patches are imposed one on another the subsequent should be more previous on 10 sm on all parties.

Crude places and a carpet as a whole completely dry and only after that start to priklejke hot mastic.

The Squeezed out or unduly put mastic level shpatelem flush with a patch edge. The put patches carefully smooth, cover with mastic and strew the warmed-up sand. It do that mastic, being warmed up from solar beams, could not plavitsja and flow down. The old carpet and the imposed patches should not be blown up. If they leaky adjoin to the basis, them prigruzhajut any cargo, for example a brick. For this purpose sandy posypku do more thickly that to mastic cargo could not stick. After hardening of mastic cargo remove, and surpluses of sand delete.

Punched in places (not through) the carpet can be repaired so. Well dry this place, clear from, pollution and old mastic. From the hot mastic mixed with sand or dry sawdust, prepare putty and zashpatlevyvajut it of an aperture, carefully levelling edges. Here it is possible to put and a patch.

If the roof is punched to the basis such place usually cut an envelope (cross-wise), corners turn on, delete water, clear of a dirt and mastic, well dry, especially the basis. Then with hot mastic coat the basis and an inside of a cut of a carpet, stack on a place and carefully smooth. Fill shpatlevkoj the punched place and patch. If two patches one of them should be more another are necessary. Along the edges a patch cover with mastic which comes for its limits not less than on 10 see

On a roof it can be formed "ьх°юъ" filled with water. It cut an envelope, corners turn on, delete water, clear and dry. Then all cover with mastic and paste with careful priglazhivaniem. One or two patches From above paste and cover with their mastic which should come for edges not less than on 10 see Then all is well smoothed.

Mastic put rigid brushes or rigid brushes. It is possible to put it on small sites shpatelem, well levelling mastic a thin layer. Small cracks on width on a roofing carpet cut, clear, delete dust, dry and fill in with hot mastic with okonopatkoj, i.e. With filling of cracks with a tow, its consolidation, levelling and mastic smoothing. It is possible to cover such places with patches. If the roof is covered by small cracks, but does not proceed, it carefully clear of a dirt, dry and cover with hot mastic. To work with hot mastics it is necessary cautiously, observing safety precautions and rules of fire-prevention safety. The mastic expense can be various. On the average on 1 m 2 surfaces there are 1-1,2 kg of mastic.

Mastics produce from knitting and napolnitelej; napolniteli should be absolutely dry, sifted through a fine sieve. They reduce fragility of mastic at low temperatures, raise its temperature constancy and reduce the expense knitting - bitumen, a pitch, tar. Napolniteljami there can be a peat crumb, a chalk, small asbestos, ground slag or limestone, a wood flour. napolniteljami asbestos and a wood flour are considered as the best.

In roofing works apply two kinds of mastics: bitumen - for gluing pergamina and roofing material and degtevuju - for roofing felt gluing. Bitumens apply oil refractory with temperature of fusion from 70 to 90°С. For the fastest fusion bitumen and a coal pitch prick on small pieces. In order to avoid pouring out of mastic and its flash a copper fill with bitumen or a coal pitch no more than on 3/4 volumes.

For preparation of 10 kg degtevoj mastics it is necessary: 5 kg of coal tar, 3 kg of a coal pitch and 2 kg napolnitelja. Into a copper load tar, heat up it and gradually enter in the small portions a coal pitch. A mix plavjat also mix until it will not cease to foam (foam and extraneous impurity delete). Then fire extinguish, at stirring add in the small portions napolnitel and carefully mix to a total homogeneity. Apply in a hot kind.

About preparation hot bitumen mastic it is told in article " Repair and colouring of roofs from asbestotsementnyh ышё=ют".