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It is sharp and open glasses

to Cut glass follows only on a ruler ( fig. 110 ). In an operating time a ruler densely press to glass, and steklorez - to a ruler. Tool fluctuation at rezke quickly puts it out of commission.

Lomka of glass: and - hands, - steklorezom, in flat-nose pliers Diamond steklorez take big and index fingers so that they were at a hammer. Slightly press on steklorez (approximately as on a pencil), incline the tool and cut glass. Correctness of installation stekloreza and force of pressing it confirms the equal trace left on glass in the form of a thin colourless pure line. At incision has flown down diamond should publish an equal sound with the characteristic crackling, saying that diamond makes an incision a surface has flown down on rather small depth equal to the tenth shares of millimetre. This trace can be seen only after a glass break through magnifying glass. The wide scratch and white glass dust say that the tool is established incorrectly in relation to glass or it strongly press. On a measure zatuplenija sides of diamond gradually increase force of pressing.

Without reaching a glass edge on 3-5 mm force of pressing reduce not to admit a descent of the tool from glass and by that not to damage a cutting side of diamond about an edge of glass or a firm subject on which glass lies. It is impossible to cut repeatedly on the same line, to subject a crystal of diamond to blows, to store steklorez without a case, to cut wet and dirty glass. The party of the tool with a label should adjoin to a ruler. Roller steklorez hold perpendicularly planes has flown down between big and average fingers or big, average and anonymous, pressing from above a forefinger. In an operating time this steklorez leaves a white line of a cut.

Break glass more often about a table edge on which it is carried out it is sharp. The table cover should be equal. It is quite good to put on it any fabric. After nadrezki steklorezom glass move on a table edge (fig. 111. One hand press glass to a table, and another press overhanging end break. If glass breaks hardly from the bottom party in the area of a cut tap with the tool until there will be a crack. (These requirements are identical to both steklorezov.) So break the big pieces, small break off steklorezom, grasping glass cuts or flat-nose pliers (fig. 111,).

At work as the sharp tool it is enough to raise slightly glass from lateral faces against a cut line, and glass breaks.

Open glasses and its sizes: and - it is correct, - it is wrong, in - the sizes of cut out glass Rational open glasses. At wrong raskroe the considerable quantity of unusable scraps turns out. We will consider two examples.

The Example 1. From sheet has flown down in the size 1200x600 mm it is necessary to cut some glass in the size 500x300 mm. At rational raskroe 600 mm (fig. 112 turn out four glasses of the necessary size with the rest in width 200 and length. Thus it is necessary to spend steklorezom a line in total length of 2200 mm. At irrational raskroe (fig. 112,) is received also four glasses of the specified size with the rest in width 100 and length 1200 mm. Thus it is necessary to spend a line of a cut in total length of 2700 mm, i.e. On 500 mm it is more.

The Example 2. From sheet has flown down in the size 1200x800 mm it is required to cut out glasses in length 700 and width 300 mm. In this case it is possible to receive three glasses in the size 700x300 mm with two scraps in width on 200 mm or two glasses of the same size and one size 800x500 mm with a scrap in width of 200 mm.

Glasses for windows or doors should block their folds for 3/4 width. Thus, between an edge of glass and fold height there should be a backlash not less than 2 mm. For example, if the distance between the high parties of folds on length 1000, and on width of 700 mm, glass for an insert has to have length 996-997 and width of 696-697 mm (fig. 112.

It is necessary that inserted glass was included freely into space between the high parties of folds, and in a case namokanija and wood swelling that last did not press on glass that leads to its splitting.

At osteklenii at first it is necessary to cut windows and doors completely inserted glasses, to clear of a dust and a dirt folds, to prepare putty and then to start a glass insert, fixing it and covering with putty.