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Nastilka of floors from parquet boards

Parquet boards lay on wooden antiseptirovannym to logs in the thickness of 25-40 mm (the thickness depends on type of interfloor overlappings). Logs are recommended to be stacked along a premise parallel numbers, it is strict on level, with distance between axes of 400 mm. The board in the size 800x800 mm should lean against three logs one of which is under the board middle, and two others - under its edges. Boards krepjat to logs nails the in length of 60-70 mm. Logs stack on sound-proof zasypkam or to linings. To lay such boards is slightly easier, than parquet boards.

Nastilka of floors from parquet boards: and - a parquet board with grooves, - a supplementary thorn for an insert in grooves of parquet boards, in - an order of packing of boards, 1-9 - boards the Technics nastilki is that. First of all define a place for majachnyh numbers for what on a premise floor pull two cords, crossed at right angle. One of them passes along the long party of a premise on distance of 810 mm from a wall (800 mm length of a board plus of 10-15 mm a backlash between a board and a wall), another - on the same distance from a short wall. On these cords laid by letter G, put two majachnyh of some boards, and the first - in a corner, the most remote from an input. Having checked up correctness of packing of a board on cords, it nail up to everyone a log. If apply boards with grooves for their fastening insert on three thorns and on them nasazhivajut following boards (fig. 35).

In edges of the boards turned to a wall, it is possible to hammer in nails from above: their hats will be blocked further by plinths not less than on 10-12 mm. If boards are made with grooves and crests edges with crests turn to walls. Nails hammer naklonno into the bottom cheek of a groove and utaplivajut in their hats dobojnikom.

Each board hammer blows densely join with previous that their edges densely have converged, and the crest of the second board has completely entered into a groove of the first. Not to spoil an edge a hammer, it is necessary to place under it a lining. Each board necessarily krepjat nails to a log.

If boards are not entered in a premise the cut off parties direct to walls or partitions and krepjat nails from a face sheet, besides, that hats then were closed by plinths on 10-12 mm. After nastilki a parquet varnish or rub with mastic.